Have you seen this missing cryptid?



Age:About 55


Weight:500 lbs.


Lives in: Oregon, Washington, Canada


Bigfoot has yellow teeth, his nicknames are Sasqautch Apeman and Yeti. He has black fur, 9 feet tall, reddish brown hair as well as black. There have been sightings of bigfoot before about his giant foot steps and his beds. Bigfoot has been "sighted" in Oregon,Canada and Washington. There have been sightings of dead kids next to foot prints. I think most of the evidence is fake because it just looks like people are dressing up in monkey/ape costumes. And of the footstep on the graphics on the screen stink that proves they could have just edited it. Bigfoot is from ancient story all around the world. They also say that he is just a plain old camp fire story from old times. Bigfoot is a hoax. Bigfoot mostly likes to live in forest like places. The foot prints of Bigfoot online are fake because they could have edited a size 8 to like size 25.

By: Ethan Jones