Fun, Fantastic February!!


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Knucklehead is BACK! by Zirui

Remember the memoir called Knucklehead? Well, we didn’t stop reading it, but there are so many things to talk about every week and we don’t have time to talk about it in our newsletter. As usual, Jon Scieszka and his brothers are still causing a lot of trouble. From launching rocks using a mortar they made to buying their mom birthday gifts that they wanted for themselves. It’s very clear that their parents didn’t have it easy with so many boys.

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Science Talk Show by John

Today in science we had a talk show(fake) it was very funny because the host Aarman was very funny and he talked in a British accent. He did the accent very well. The host Aarman, interviewed some of our classmates and the classmates acted pretended to be some very famous astronomers. Some of the astronomers were Ptolemy, Kepler, and Nicholas Copernicus. These astronomers were very interesting and I learned a lot since I did not really know a lot about any of the astronomers before the talk show. This was a great way to learn about the important atromonmers.

Meet The Astronomers by Michael

This week in science I, Michael Richardson was the host for the Talk Show, “ MEET THE ASTRONOMERS “... Present during the show were these amazing astronomers, Eratosthenes, Ptolemy, Nicolaus Copernicus. Tycho Brahe, Galileo Galilei and Johannes Kepler.
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Valentine’s Day Dance by Ben

The Valentine’s Day Dance is next Thursday. All the students are looking forward to it. I hope there will be cupcakes, chips, and water to drink. There will be dancing too. It will be a lot of fun.
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Solar System by Gage

This week in Science, we are studying about how planets orbit around the sun. On Friday, we did a fun experiment explaining how the planets orbit. We found out that planets closer to the sun revolve faster than planets further out in the Solar System.

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Medieval Economy by Christian

This week in history we are learning about Medieval Europe and what happen to its economy. We are focusing on are food, agriculture, weapons, protection, disease, religion, trading and infrastructure. We are looking to find out what helped change and make their economy.
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The Great Debate by Jack

On Wednesday in our History class we had a debate about what influenced the Chinese economy. Each group was in charge of a topic. The four topics were agriculture, trade, technology, and government. My topic was technology. I found out that porcelain was exported to The Middle East (West Asia), Europe, and Northern Africa. China’s economy was affected by this technology of porcelain. There was no clear winner in our debate because each part of the economy was important, If one was not successful the economy would fall.

ART-- almost done by Monserrat and Hailey

Our Math ART projects are almost done!! look for them next week on the walls and in the newsletter!!! They look great by took longer than Ms. Fox originally thought!!