S'more Great News

Ms. Kenney's Second Grade


Students have been working very hard the last two weeks on building their stamina. We began talking about stamina the first day of Daily 5. We discussed how to build stamina and why it is important. Each day since then we have sat down to build it up. Students' have had ups and downs, but ended the week at 12 minutes of stamina during read to self. Our class goal is 20 minutes of stamina during read to self. I know they can do it! Working on reading stamina at home (focused, silent reading) it might help us reach our goal at school.


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I can count

On Thursday we explored many ways of counting with different manipulatives. These include: cotton balls, popsicle sticks, popcorn kernels, noodles, beans and unifex cubes. The purpose was to count in sequences. Students had a blast with this activity.

Kind is the New Cool

Today I wore a shirt with the saying "Kind is the New Cool" (the shirt is from Mama Said Tees and their mission is to share love across the hearts of children). I wore this shirt to deliver that exact message. In our classroom we will treat each other with kindness. We had a discussion about bullying and what it means to be a good classmate. I am proud to wear the shirt and am even prouder when students show kindness to one another.
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Ms. Kenney

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