Sona's Career Project

By Sona Raju

My Personality

My Personality color is blue which represents me that I am very enthusiastic, sympathetic, very communicative, a motivating person and so on. My Holand Personality test also tells me that I am a social interested person and so, my both personality tests shows me that I should be working in a place with lot of people's. So, I chose Anesthesiologists because it's related to medical field and it also supports my personality.

My Career

Anesthesiologists is a career that is related to medical field and they are doctors who mainly monitor the patients during or after a surgery on their blood pressure, heart rhythm, temperature, level of consciousness, and the amount of oxygen in the blood and they also give anesthesia to the patient before the surgery and on some cases they'll give anesthesia during or after a surgery. They have higher salary and its almost about $187,200+ per year and the job opportunities are very likely in the future.


Anesthesiologists are normally doctors who administer prior to, during, or after surgery or on other medical procedures. To become an Anesthesiologists, you need to have a Bachelor's Degree of Pre-Medical and after that you needs a professional degree as an M.D, Doctor of Medicine or D.O, Doctor of Osteopathy.

I chose California State University-Fullerton for my school because they offer me the courses or the degrees that I need to have to become an Anesthesiologists. And also, the fees are lower compared to my other schools.

Courses they offer me:-

Bachelor's of Pre-Medical

Doctor's of Medicine (M.D)

Annual Costs:

Tuition/Fees: $3,650.00

Tuition/Cost-in-state, on campus: $17,740.00

Tuition/Cost-out-of-state, on campus: $27,910.00


Number of Applicants 29,829

Percent Admitted 60%


Anesthesiologists has a salary of $187,200+ per year and my total expenses is just $47,376 so, my career will be great and I can live my life as I want. I guess every lifestyle is possible with this rate of salary.

My monthly expenses:-

Housing: $656
Utilities: $384

Food: $300

Transportation: $733

Clothes: $125

Health Care: $73

Personal: $0

Entertainment: $0

Misc: $450

Savings: $190

Student Debt Loan: $247

Monthly Expenses: $3,158

Annual Expenses: $37,901

Taxes: $9,475

Annual Salary Needed: $ 47, 376