KA Classroom Update

December 4, 2015

What's Happening in KA?

KA has been a flutter with learning. We have nearly mastered the art of rotating through learning centers, and were able to test our skills Friday (12/4) during our first PODS session. PODS is a super fun, small group instruction that includes targeted instruction in two core subjects, two independent stations, and a play station where students can play with their group. We are looking forward to incorporating more PODS time into our weekly schedule.

In an effort to become Super Awesome Readers and Super Awesome Writers, we have been working hard during Literacy times. The skills we are developing now are going to propel us forward towards our goal. Check out our pictures below to see more of what is happening in our classroom!

One of the social-emotional skills we have been working on in our classroom is understanding that we are all in the process of learning how to be a productive member of our classroom community. A way to support at home is to talk with your child about any problems they bring up after school, and walking them through what they felt at the time and what they think anyone involved at the time may have felt. This will allow your child to begin to understand the feeling of empathy. It's a big feeling, but a helpful one!

Parent Teacher Conference Sign Up!

Dates: Wednesday, December 16th – Friday, December 18th

  • Remember, there is no school on Friday, December 18th!

Location: BPCS Downtown

Deadline: End of day before the requested appointment date

To reserve a time slot with us, enter the following link into your web browser: www.ptcfast.com/reg1

You will then be asked for an entry code, where you should enter: XNZ191105

We Want YOU...to come visit our class!

Hello Families! We have had so much fun getting to know your children during these first few months of school. Now, we would love it if all of you could come in and share with us too! Kindergarten is asking that each family come into our classroom and share about their family. This can include sharing a family tradition, information about your cultural heritage, or a special song or holiday. The presentation can be up to 30 minutes and include a dance, a song, a book, food and/or an art project. We are asking that you come in at the specific times that we are outlined below in the sign up sheet. Please click the sign up sheet to find out when your child's class has free time for a presentation. If you have any questions, please feel free reach out to us. We can't wait to see you!

¡KA explora en español!

It has been a pleasure seeing KA grow and learn so fast in Español. We know our day of the weeks perfectly, we know our body parts and respond quickly to the Simón dice (Simon says) command. (¡Sí! We love that game.) Now we continue exploring the language through the five sense, - but specifically through sight (vista) and hearing (oir). In our exploration of sight we use our ojos to identify colors and animals. Veo ,veo ¿Qué ves? With our hearing we explore los oídos and sounds that travel around us. We used a big cardboard tube to explore the sounds in Spanish and shared some secrets. We also played a blindfold game to explore hearing carefully and guessing who was saying hola, ¿cómo estas? It was so fun to guess ¿Quién es?


A big thanks to all the students that worked hard on the GRACIAS installation. It was a total hit! You can take a look at your student picture in the lobby display.

Muchas Gracias,

Ms. Rosado

¡KA Simón dice...!
During our last Spanish Class we took an adventure walk to listen carefully to the sounds of the city. Walked intently paying attention to the sounds, but we also sang songs and became part of our noisy city. ¡Qué aventura! Check out our pictures and video:
¡KA Explora NY!


WOW, K artists worked really hard in November. They painted beautiful autumn papers and spent days observing, drawing, and cutting out leaves for their tree — located in the school lobby. I hope you saw the tree in all it’s glory as it is very difficult to photograph. Your K artists are strengthening their hands and developing good habits with scissors.

Matisse would be proud! Additionally, they love to staple and are quite good with our new staplers. We celebrated our Fall project by making crowns. Please check out photos below to see how focused K artists are in the studio! Happy Holidays from the Studio Lab!

-Ms. Walsh

Big image

We are the Dinosaurs!

KA continued their exploration of percussion instruments as they played along to Laurie Berkner's, "We Are the Dinosaurs". The KA DinoBand worked on musical dynamics by playing their instruments forte (loudly) and pianissimo (softly). -Ms. Raccio
KA dinosaurs


  • Families are invited to our Fall Curriculum Share on December 11th from 9-12pm. Students will share what they have been working on through our first inquiry unit on Community.
  • Please clearly label all of your child's belongings. If you child is missing something, check out the Lost and Found on the 10th floor!
  • We will send home student work every Friday. Students should place their folder in their mailbox each Monday. Families can empty the folders and finish any incomplete work together at home.
  • Park days to Fort Greene Park are on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, as long as weather permits. Please pack a bagged lunch on those days and send your child to school with rubber-soled shoes.
  • As long as weather permits we will have recess at MetroTech. Please send your child with a warm jacket. There is limited sun and it is cold.
  • Our specials schedule is: Spanish (Mon-Thurs), Dance (Tues), Science (Wed), Art (Mon, Thurs), PE (Thurs), Music (Fri).

Important Dates

  • December 11th- Fall Curriculum Share
  • December 16-18- Parent Teacher Conferences
  • December 18th- No School
  • December 23rd- Early Dismissal @ 1:30, half day bus service provided
  • December 24- Jan 4th- Winter Break
Volunteer for Tuesday Fort Greene Park

KA visits Ft. Green Park every Tuesday, weather permitting.

Volunteer for Wednesday Fort Greene Park

KA visits Ft. Greene Park every Wednesday, weather permitting.

Volunteer for MetroTech Recess

KA visits MetroTech on Monday, Thursday and Friday, weather permitting.