News from the IA Library

Weeks 9 -12 | October 16, 2020

All Tri-Campus Students have a Canvas Library Course Now!

It's been quite the transition for the school library to create completely new courses for all IA students. We decided to have ONE course per graduation class. Students are then sorted into sections within each course, but they will all be getting the same information.

Because Canvas is a secure system, we have been able to post all of the password information for students. They will never forget passwords for the library resources!

As students progress through each grade, more content will be added to correspond with the level of IB work they are doing.

By the time they graduate from the IA, they are prepared to do university-level research.

We have PAID Access to

Password and access information is in your library class in Canvas.

How well do you know your school librarian?
Fun Halloween Resources for the Whole Family!

Check out the academic article about the origins of Halloween. Has some EE potential.

Mrs. Janek & Dr. Lavoie

Any questions? Comments? Feel free to reach out to your IA School Librarians