¿Cómo eres y qué te gusta hacer?

Tell us about yourself and two of your friends. What are they like? What do they like to do? You will need grammar and vocabulary from 1a and 1b.

Required Information

Include the following information about yourself and two friends in complete sentences in Spanish.

  • name
  • age
  • 2 things that you/they like to do
  • 2 things that you/they don’t like to do
  • description (physical and personality)
  • pictures

Format Requirements

  • speaking – You must record your voice. You will need a written script to plan and prepare, but you will be graded on your speaking. Practice your script before you record so that you can read fluently from your script while recording.
  • visual – You should choose the app, website, program or other format that you want to use. I have included a few suggestions below. The choice is yours! Make sure that your project is neat and worthy of a test grade, as discussed.

Format Suggestions

  • educreations
  • iMovie
  • Buddy Poke
  • animoto (Make separate 30 second segments.)

Rough Draft - due Wednesday, September 10

Your rough draft should be written in Spanish (not English and then translated) and will be a daily grade. This is your best opportunity to receive teacher feedback. I will circle or highlight any mistakes. You will be responsible for making necessary corrections. Please come to me with any questions.

Final Project - due Friday, September 12

Your final project will be turned in by email to rutledgea@lisd.net by the beginning of class on Friday, September 12. This will be the speaking part of your examen del capítulo 1.


You will be graded based on the speaking rubric (75%) and your product/visual (25%).

Important Note

DO NOT USE ONLINE TRANSLATORS!! If you turn in a translated draft / final copy you could end up with a 0 for this project. Use vocabulary from these chapters! Use Word Reference (and ask me questions) for anything that you need to look up.