The Career-changers guide

Not happy with your job?

Considering a Change...

If you are not happy with your job because its too stressful, takes to many hours of your day for not enough pay, or even felt uncomfortable there. You should read this guide to make feel less concerned about your switch in jobs. Your probably wondering what your going to do if you do leave your job, you don't know where to go or when to start. Have faith in changing jobs, yes it is very hard to pay bills, car payments etc.. when you have no job. but here is a few tips to help you consider the change if you are not satisfied with the job you have.
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Developing a Plan...

Developing a plan is not very time consuming as you think. You just need to know where to look and how to find a job that you understand that meets your satisfactory level:

Look on websites- Go to websites that involve jobs that are needed around you for example the Occupational outlook handbook. Like newspapers, articles, or even television.

Find out what you enjoy in a job- Take tests online to help you learn about yourself to help you find a job that you enjoy.

Wait for another job- Don't quit your recent job before you find another job because like I said how are you going to pay your bills if you have no job. Its less stress on you if you stick through it for a couple more weeks.

Making the Change...

Don't tell anyone- Even if your leaving your old job don't tell any of your co-workers that you are leaving. It can get around very easy and get to your employer then they will fire you before you have the chance to quit.

Fill out applications/go to interviews- Once you find places you are interested in you must fill out applications for these jobs. Which will take an amount of time, but it will all pay off when you get a job. After filling out applications they will call and arrange an interview with you. Pick a time that will be suitable for you, remember you are still working at your old job so make sure you don't sheldule it when you are working. In the interview the interviewer will ask you if they can get ahold of your recent employers. Make sure to tell them that you are still working at and place and do not wish for them to contact.

Touch up your resume- When you go to interviews they don't want to see an resume for the 1900s on their table. They would like to know what you have been doing for the past couple of years not when you were in high school. Make sure it fits you, don't make yourself look like you have the education of a high schooler by not touching up your resume.

Beginning the New Journey...

Make a cover letter- Write a letter that will thank your newest employer for hiring you. Tell them how thankful you are and that you will work your hardest. Also tell them the strength and weakness's you have working that job.

Put your two weeks in- your recent employer at least needs to know why you are quitting your job, whether it is just flat out horrible or not. Putting in your two weeks helps you in the long run. If you get a new job and its not working out for you like you thought it was going to be, you can go to your old job and ask if they will hire you back. If you don't put your two weeks in before quitting your old job then its less likely for you to get your job back.

After your two weeks...

Thank your crew members- make sure their is no hard feeling when you leave your employer. Let them know that they are not the reason you have quit. Be a team player, don't just leave without saying goodbye. That just like burning the bridges you don't want to be hateful to your crew members because if you have to come back you will hate it more then before.