Westward Expansion Smore Project

By: Selena Moreno, Brionna Vang, and Lilly Vang

Comanche Indians

What events eventually led to the Battle of Plum Creek and why did it happen? Explain what happened during the 1820s and the 1830s and how it affected the Mexicans.

Battle of Plum Creek

  • The Battle of Plum Creek was a battle that happened after the Great Comanche Raid of 1840.

  • More than 600 Comanche and Kiowa swept and rode to the heart of the Republic of Texas

  • Comanches perceived it to be the unprovoked murder of twelve war chiefs and many innocent native american lives at the Council House peace talk in San Antonio.

  • Comanches stole over 2000 horses and mules, “Comanche Gold”, which will lead them to their downfall.

  • Buffalo Hump was one of the few remaining war chiefs.

  • A militia was led by Captain Tumlinson who uses hit and run tactics from the rear.


  • Many Native Americans returned their settlements from the Spanish Missions

  • During this time many Natives that opposed Mexican efforts in colonizing began to terrorize the Mexican frontier

Lifestyle and Other Facts:

  • Know as the “Lord of the Plains”

  • Before, they were part of the Shoshoni Tribes

  • Men wore deer skin pants and shirts, moccasins,

  • Women wore deer skin dress, and knee boots with beads

  • Clothings were usually in blue or scarlet