Weekly News

March 21-25

Conference Week and Early Dismissal

This week is conference week. Each day we will follow the modified schedule with students being released at 12:45. I look forward to meeting with you!

Mission San Juan Capistrano

Check out our California Mission Glogs

Click on the link below to view.



We continue with our lengthy unit on fractions.

  • Add a fraction less than 1 to, or subtract a fraction less than 1 from, a whole number using decomposition and visual models.
  • Add and multiply unit fractions to build fractions greater than 1 using visual models.
  • Decompose and compose fractions greater than 1 to express them in various forms.
  • Compare fractions greater than 1 by reasoning using benchmark fractions.


There is no spelling list this week due to the early dismissal schedule.

Accelerated Books

Students are required to ready daily for 20 or more minutes as a part of their daily homework. Books are to be AR selections. The below link is from our website. Under "Curricular Resources" you will find links to book suggestions based on grade level and then on genre.

Please read over break! :)

Mission Building Groups

Students work in groups to plan the building of the "22nd" mission.

Our Mission Building Day is on Wednesday, March 23.

All parents, We will need to borrow supplies from you! If you are able, please send in glue guns and glue sticks, extension cords, Xacto knives, and craft dryers. Please make sure your name is on each item so that it will be returned to you. These will be used by parents only.

Assembly this Friday

We will have a school-wide assembly Friday morning that will feature a patriotic sing/play along musical event. Our class will be playing their recorders for in front of the school for the very first time! We will not be on stage, but will be playing from our regular assembly seats. Join us if you can!

Pajama and Movie

We will be having our spring class party on Thursday. Students are welcome to wear PJs and bring in a snuggly item to sit with while we watch a movie and enjoy some snacks. We will vote on what movie we’ll be watching tomorrow.

Field Trip Coming Up

Field Trip Permission Slip

A permission slip will come home this week for the Rancho Buena Vista Adobe. We will be going on April 27 from 10:15-2:00. The adobe limits adult chaperones to 10 (that includes the teacher). I can only allow 9 parent drivers and will begin by choosing any volunteer drivers who didn’t get to attend the Mission field trip. All other interested drivers will be part of a lottery. It's a great problem to have! ;) Please send permission slips and money ($10.38 per student made out to “EUSD”) to school by this Friday.

Kachina Dolls

We are breathing life into our kachina dolls. We finalize our fictional narratives this week. We focus on descriptive sentences, how to punctuate dialogue, and how to edit for careful use of conventions.

Coming Up and Save the Dates

March 23. Mission Building Day

Mar. 21-25 Conference Week

Mar. 24 Pajama Party

Apr. 27 Rancho Buena Vista Adobe (Half Day, 10-2)

June 9 Gold Rush (Full day)

June 14 Walk Through California (This is an on site presentation and all parents are welcome to come to it.)



iPad chargers...Oh my goodness! It's like the Bermuda Triangle in our room. Students must be "accidentally" leaving them at home. If so, please return them. We are very short on chargers. If you have any old ones that are not of use, they will have a happy home in our class.

We have 12 chargers for 29 students...

Students are no longer allowed to take iPads home until we have a full set of chargers.

Fun Run

Thank you, Mrs. Davies! She single-handedly helped us tie-dye our Fun Run shirts.

What an awesome unifying experience and great souvenir!

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Have a wonderful week!

~ Mrs. Jones