1960s Fashion

Socs vs Greasers

The Divide

In the late 1950s there were so main social groups that carried over into the early 60s; the socs and the greasers. "Socs" were the upperclassmen and had a higher social ranking. Although the term "greaser" was used to refer to the working-class youth of the time period, it signified a sense of rebellion and resistance against rules placed by society and parents onto them.

Young Men's Fashion

Being a soc or greaser in the early 1960's often decided your wardrobe and the way you styled your hair. The staple clothing pieces for young male greasers included: fitted t-shirts that often had the sleeves rolled up, bomber, denim, and motor style jackets were also an iconic item in the typical greaser guy's attire. Wide belts and bowling shirts could also be seen on young "hoods" from time to time. Socs on the other hand had a more sophisticated, put together, look as opposed to the greasers' casual dress choises. You could often see them dressed in tweedy sports jackets, unpleated cotton khaki slacks, and button down shirts in solid pastel colors such as pink and light blue.

Teen Girl's Fashion

Girls of the early 60s that belonged to the social group of socs or the subculture of greasers had very distinct and separate fashion choices. Greaser girls dressed similarly to the males of the group with a lot of denim and leather in their daily attire. They would wear lether or denim jacket sand white t shits that were often too big because they were borrowed from older brother or their fathers. Soc girls dressed very femininely with bright colors making up their wardrobes. Girls in this group were also known for wearing full length skrits with ballerina shoes, flats, or white bucks.

Hair of the 60s

Hair was and important part of you if you were a greaser at this time. Your hair was something that you could be proud of because it often told people who you were before you even said a word. This was especially true for greasers, they took a lot of pride in their hairsyles. The guys often wear their hair slicked back with an exssesive amount of hair tonic or gel. You could also see them with a style of air that is called ducktail because of how the backcurved in on both sides. The guys of the socs didn't do anything very fancy with their hair so they just wore their hair in a quiff and the sides combed back. Greaser girls usually wore a red bandana in there hair that was tied in on top of their heads and slightly off center. Their hair was usually up in a pony tail or pinned up into a bun. Soc girls on the other hand, wore thar hair in soft coiffed curls.


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