Mary Whiton Calkins

Date of birth & death

-She was born march 30th, 1863, In Hartford, Connecticut

-She died February 26th, 1930


-Grew up mainly in New York

-She was the oldest of 5 children

-She learned German at a local elementary school

-Moved with her family to Massachusetts in 1880

-Graduated from smith college in 1885

-She was forced to stay home her junior year to tutor he younger siblings after her sisters death in 1884.

-She joined the faculty of Wellesly college in 1887

-In 1890 she began advance study in psychology and philosophy at Clark university and at Harvard university.

- She did not get accepted to study at Harvard and went there as a "guest" because women cold not officially register there.

-She became a full professor in 1890


- First women president of the american psychology association and the philosophical association

- she published an analytic and experimental essay on association

- she also published an article on the religiousness of children

- Three years later her contribution to research on the attributes of sensation was published, along with a philosophical treatment of time as related to causality and to space.