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We're almost to the finish line!

Welcome to the final month of the school year! We have enjoyed all of the events from this year and all the fun we have been able to have together! Join us as we finish up the last couple of weeks with two more times to interact together!

Check out our newsletter below about other exciting events to look forward to!

If you have questions or concerns please feel free to call me at 541-972-1682 or email me at

What's in this edition?

  • "Step into Summer" 10k Event Information and sign-up
  • "Step into Summer" padlet information
  • Graduation Information
  • School ID Information
  • School Connect Directory Information
  • Club Descriptions
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Sign Up for our "Step into Summer" 10k event!

Join us in our first ever "Step into Summer 10k Event" from May 30-June 10th! Participants will receive a one-of-a-kind pin once you complete the event.

Sign up here!

Join the fun!

Post to the Step into Summer Padlet HERE

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Student Connect Directory

If you would like your student to be able to chat out of school with their peers please sign up here

School ID Time!

Please follow this link to order your SY2021-2022 student ID card!

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