Moore Media Newsletter

March 2014

Big Thanks!

Thank you all for your participation in the book fair this spring, it was a big success!!! We raised over four thousand dollars total and we were able to keep 25% of that profit which will be used to add to the materials we already have at our school! Please let me know of things you would like to see for your use in the classroom and book titles that will make the library more up-to-date and relevant for our students!

"Pulling Weeds"

Now that spring has sprung, I will be pulling out old books again. I am currently pulling biographies and have pulled many animal books already. If you would like to take a look at these, please come by the media center. Books that can be taken will be directly inside my office door in front of the book shelf on a brown wooden cart and a cream metal cart. Books that are not taken by you will be given away elsewhere.