Welcome to the country of Lacoharri

By:Layla Harrison and Destiny Hutchins

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Welcome to the country of Lacoharri

We are a large-sized country that has lakes,rivers,hills and is surrounded by an ocean. Lacoharri is a has a population of 3 million citizens. In Lacoharri the language that is spoken is English and Spanish but when the kids get into high school they have to learn a 3rd language. The choices are french,sign language,Chinese or German. Everybody has to go to school until the age of 20 if you drop out of school before you are 20 you will be arrested.At the age of 21, men have to join the military for 3 years. Everybody in Lacoharri get free health care..The retirement age in 60 for women and the retirement age for men is 65.Everybody pays 30% of there salary in taxes.

6 freedoms

1:They have the freedom of speech and religion

2.They have the freedom to do what they want work wise.

3. They have freedom to vote

4.Freedom of race

5.no to be judged

6. Freedom of discrimination

Four things that are illegal


2.Texting and driving

3.Killing/hurting somebody


Type of government

The type of government the Lacoharri has is a representative democracy because every person should have a voice and every opinion matters. Dictatorship did not work for us because only one person makes all the laws and the citizens of Lacoharri deserve to have an opinion. Monachry did not work for us because we prefer presidents instead of kings/queens.Oligarchy didnt work for us because lacoharri does not need a group of people to be in charge.

System of government

The system of government that Lacoharri has is a federal system. I think that the federal system is good for my country because it gives every other region partial power.

Type of economy

The type of economy that Lacoharri has is capitalism because they make money and it encourages people to work and we didnt want people to not choose there own jobs.

What are some fun things to do in your country

Some fun things that lacoharri does is

1.Take a tour of lacoharri if your new to the country

2.Every christmas eve family get together and bake american sweets for santa

3.If your new to the country of Lacoharri you get to have a free meal anywhere

4.Our awesome buffet

5.Our amesments park that is free for all first time visitors at lacoharri