Technology at lv in class

by : Thomas Riendl

Typing web

1. Helped be faster.

2. It can work with you and get you better with typing skills.

3. A program that will help to get better at typing.


1. In iTrailer we did a short movie trailer about our self"s.

2. We had to do a trailer to get to know each othere.

3. On this app we can pick a type of music that they have and then put pictures or videos in it or both

career locker

1. IN this web site we did some tests to see what jobs we were good for

2. After we found out what job we were good for we explored some

3. Then we had some fun on it

Haiku Deck

1. In this unit we had to make a haiku deck about our dream job

2. On this app we got to do our own job and got to choose what we did

3. We got to use ipads and was due at a certain time

Explain every thing

1. For this we did a math problem

2. Also there were tools to use

3. We had it easy or hard problems

Hour of code

1. On the site we got to play on games

2. We had games with codes to use

3. With this it can help with code useing

Email etiquet

1. We had to send the correct email

2. ON this we had to fix a email to the right way

3. This wasn't hard at all