Lineville 6th Grade Technology

By: Noel Stukenberg

Typing Web

  • For 6th Grade technology classes, we work on Typing Web for about five minutes before started our regular lesson for that day.
  • In order to reach the 6th Grade requirements for typing, you need to have finished the intermediate course in Typing Web.
  • I have noticed that now I am able to type more efficiently because of practicing without looking, always setting my fingers on the proper places on the keyboard, and also having good typing posture.


  • From doing an iTrailer, I have learned how to take a story, and only use the main points to make a summary of the story, while still also having some key details that make the summary more interesting.
  • I learned that when you are making a iTrailer, you don't want to have more than one of each photo, because when you do, it does not look as if you put a lot of hard work and time into your project.
  • When you do an iTrailer, you want to make sure that the story board makes sense, also that when people watch it, they would be able tell you exactly what the story was about.

Haiku Deck

  • When we did this this unit, I learned a lot about how to keep things organized when you are making a presentation, most importantly when you have to present in front of people, or have specific details that have to be included.
  • I have noticed that I am able now to do a presentation in front of an audience knowing I have all the right tools, so I will always be prepared, instead of wondering if I remembered everything.
  • For Haiku Deck you have given information like how many slides you have to include, or what information is required to be incorporated in your presentation. You will also be given a specific due date that will give you enough time to complete your presentation.

Explain Everything

  • For this unit, we had a list of math problems to chose from, and with the math problem we chose, we had to explain step by step how to do the problems.
  • While doing this project, I learned that I needed to be very specific with my steps so any person I showed my project to, would be able to do the problem on their own, and fully understand all the steps.
  • I noticed that after doing this project, I was able to help people more easily with things they did not understand, like a math problem, or a hard word.

Career Locker

  • For this unit, Mrs. Vandenboogaard came in to teach us about the features in career locker that could help us in some of the activities included in this program.
  • While doing this unit, I learned how to use this program for more than just in class, like maybe looking at colleges that are in Wisconsin, or out of Wisconsin that we would like to go to in the future.
  • I have also learned that when you are looking for information, use one program, or website you know you get a lot of information off, and sometimes when you can't find the information that you want, like if you search something really specific, you can find website links inside of that program or website that can take you to a site that contains that information, like if you can't find the information you want when looking at career locker about a certain college, you can usually find a link to the schools home page, and find more information there.


  • In this program, you learn how to use many tools to create a simple movement, like being able to write a code for a square figure.
  • I learned that when you are doing something like this, to try many different things, and to not give up on something, kind of like when you need to trouble shoot to figure out a problem.
  • While working with coding, I have noticed that when I come to a lesson I can't figure out, I am using steps that were practiced throughout other lessons to figure out what i need to do to find the right code.