Leadership Development Chat 3-18-15

Technology Is Your Friend

Part I - Being Connected

Please feel free to steal any and all of the following ideas when communicating with your staff via announcements, PD, staff development, PLC's, etc. to make the "messenger" more engaging... which will, in turn, help with the processing of your message.

"Being Connected" Pre-Assessment Using Kahoot

Being Connected Video via Sarah Thomas @SarahDaTeechur

ISTE Young Educator Award Nomination - Sarah Thomas

#Gueri11aEd Twitter Chat Thursdays 8:30-9 CST

Sarah was a former guest host of our weekly Twitter Chat: #Gueri11aEd. Via this "PD in your PJ's" tool, we try to pull in experts from across the country to augment what the Digital Learning team is preaching in districts across north Texas. Our Motto: Challenging the tyrannny of standardized teacher with radical and relevant learning experiences. This is as true for administrators and educators as it needs to be true for students.

Your weekly hosts:
Tracie Cain - @TracieGCain
Erin Griffith - @MrsGriffith3
Linda McDonald - @LindaMac65
Charles Cooper - @Thrasymachus

Part II - Clean Your Plate!!!

Taking "Things" Off Of Your Teacher's Plate

Google Forms For Student Peer Assessment