Health & Counseling Center News

Winter 2016

OSF PromptCare: New Location

OSF PromptCare is now located at

3375 N. Seminary St.

Monday - Saturday, 8am - 7pm
Sunday, 8am - 6pm

Health & Counseling Advisory Board

The Health & Counseling Advisory Board would like to invite you to join! Meetings are held every Monday at 4pm for 30 minutes. Come take advantage of this opportunity to represent your fellow students! If you are interested in joining, please email Janell McGruder at

Survivors of Sexual Assault Group

The Survivors of Sexual Assault group will meet beginning Thursday, February 4th at 5pm. If you would like to participate, please contact Carol ( or Nicole ( or call 309.837.6622. If you have already made the initial contact, you must still complete a screening via phone to be eligible to participate.

Relaxation Techniques

The Counseling Center will be offering Relaxation Techniques sessions starting Tuesday, February 16th at 4pm. This will be an opportunity for students to learn techniques to help with day-to-day stresses. This group will meet for four weeks. If interested, contact Janell McGruder, at

Vagina Monologues

The Vagina Monologues is a nationwide, award winning, episodic production that celebrates vaginas and the female experience. Stories from women of varying identities are shared on stage for one unifying purpose: empowerment. While it takes place in a non-mandated reporting space, trigger warnings are advised. All proceeds from the show will be donated to Safe Harbor of Galesburg.

The show is Saturday, Feb 6th at 3pm in Kresge. Minimum 0.25c admission.

Did You Know?

Group counseling is an opportunity to be in a space where individuals can learn from others and not feel pressured to talk! In group counseling, it is the responsibility of the facilitator to create a safe, confidential space where all members are welcomed. This is something that facilitators take seriously! Group work can be very fulfilling and can lead to a deeper understanding of concerns an individual may have. Don't miss out on an opportunity! You can contact Janell McGruder,, if you have questions about what to expect in a group. Ask the questions, we don't mind!


There is no problem too big or too small for counseling. Yep! You read that correctly. You can get counseling for whatever you need! Too often people believe that their "problems don't matter" or they will be "taking away time" from another. Not the case. The amount of sessions you receive is based on need and is completely voluntary. It is a sign of health to recognize when you need assistance, and to ask for help. All you have to do is schedule an appointment.

It is easy to schedule an appointment at the Counseling Center! All you have to do is email your class schedule to Vicki Swedlund at and she will get you scheduled or call x7492! How simple is that!