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October 2019 Parent and Student Newsletter

Principal's Post

Parents and Students,

The year has begun well and I hope that your child is enjoying his or her time at Klentzman Intermediate. I’d like to highlight two events that our students have participated in these past few weeks:

  • It was a great time celebrating with those who completed the summer reading challenge with a pizza and ice cream party.
  • Over 20 students participated in our first Author Visit Field trip to Kerr High School. They were able to hear from Mac Barnett and Greg Pizzoli who authored Jack Blast Off.

Our students received many well deserved compliments and enjoyed both of these events as they were enthusiastic participants. We encourage all of our students to read daily. Readers are Leaders!!!

As we move into the school year I encourage your child to become active in our campus events outside of the school day. Whether joining the after school program, the step team, student council, or just attending content nights, these activities offer great opportunities for students.

Lastly, it's not too early to contact your child’s teachers to discuss your child’s progress or address any questions or concerns that you have. October is the perfect month to make a strong push to succeed academically.

I am grateful for the opportunity to work with the parents and staff at Klentzman to provide our students with the best possible educational opportunities. As always, I welcome your involvement in our school and your ideas. Please feel free to call me at (281) 983-8477 or email me anytime at courtney.clark@aliefisd.net.

Happy Fall!

Mrs. Clark


Dear Parents,    Red Ribbon Week is October 21 – 25. We are asking you to help your student participate in Klentzman Intermediate's activities.

Upcoming Academic Test Dates

5th Grade

2 Social Studies (KCA Unit 1) 5th grade

3 Reading (KCA #2) 5th grade

16 Math KCA (Unit 3) 5th grade

25 Reading (KCA #3) 5th grade

6th Grade

3 Reading (KCA #2)6th grade

8 Math (KCA Unit 3( 6th grade)

25 Reading (KCA #3) 6th grade

KCA = Klentzman Common Assessment

Dress Code and ID's

All students will have an ID and a bus tag issued to them by September 15th. ID's should be worn above the waist area at all times. Replacement ID's and Replacement Bus Tags are $5 each. Clip and ID pouches are $1.00.

Please make sure your child comes to school each day with the following:

  • In Dress Code
  • ID and Bus Tag on and visible
  • Agenda (Checked by parents daily)
  • AVID Binder

T-Shirts, Sweatshirts and Lanyards on Sale

School Shirts and Spirit Items are on sale Tuessays & Thursdays. Please stop by the front office to purchase. Or you can send the money with your student. Receipts will be issued for your purchase.

T-Shirts $10

Sweatshirts $20

Klentzman Lanyards $2

AVID Agenda $3

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