Matthew Armistead

Who has control over marriage?

The federal government has control over marriage.

Define how marriage has been asserted?

Marriage has been asserted together with their continuous cohabitation, such relationship have been established to their friends, relatives, and associates.

Do you agree that the state or federal government should have control over this issue?

Yes, I think that the government should have control over this issue because If the government does not have any authority over who gets married, it takes away the whole purpose of having a legal and binding contract between two individuals who wish to be married.

Although some political parties are against different types of marriages such as gay marriage.

Where does the state or federal government get the authority to regulate marriage?

The federal government gets the authority to regulate marriage from themselves because they are the federal government.

I think the states get the authority from the federal government.

Where does our political parties stand on this particular issue?

Democrats believe that gay marriage should be left a state issue, and that religious entities should be allowed to make decisions about marriage as a religious sacrament on their own.

The Republican Party stands behind a traditional definition of marriage as a legal union between one man and one woman.