Weather Lesson #2

with Joshua Rugger!

What causes Weather? Part 2

Now that we have a cloud, its time to talk about the different types!

High Clouds

There are a few high clouds. Most don't produce precip, but they can be signs of on coming rain or storms.

Cirrus- The Highest Cloud of them all. Thin wispy clouds that kinda float around and don't do much. However, if you see them, this MAY be a sign of a approching warm front (rain?!).

AltoCumulus- Second Highest cloud causes a layer over the sun. The sun peaks through this stained-glass sort of look cloud. Magiestic isn't it?

Jet Plain Cirrus- Ummmm... some times these appear, but they have nothing to do with weather. They look cool though.

Middle Clouds and "The Big One"

An intersting line up of Middle Clouds and the one cloud that spells the most trouble of them all.

Cumulus- Fluffy, Cotten Ball like Clouds that are pretty harmless unless the temp. is above 85 degrees. That is one "The Big One Forms".

High Satrus- High Satrus is just like low Satrus...gloomy and rainy. Or snowy if it is below 32 degrees. Impact Meter: 2/10 High Satrus does not do much precip or such like its brother the low Satrus.

Cumulobous Cloud A.K.A "The Big One"- Here we go. The King of all the clouds is the Cumulobous Cloud. Its lowest point can be about 2,000 feet, and its highest point can be over 28,000 feet. Thunder, Lighting, Rain, Hail, Wind Gusts, Super Squalls, and Tornadoes are all plentiful in this monster. So if you see one, get the popcorn out, crack open a cold one, and watch a awesome firework show. Impact Meter: Ranges from 5 to 10. Just stay out of the way of this big guy okay?

Hope you enjoyed, but I have run out of space

I will tell you about low level clouds in the next flyer. Thanks for reading!