Secondary Update

Monday 15 June 2015

Thank you... our Y10 Humanities and English teams for the Humanities presentations on Monday and Tuesday. I thought the move to the Theatre was a master stroke - really gave the kids the audience they deserved - Tania, Bruce, Brandon and Kirsty, great job! our Evaluation Lead Team for their work this year - stunning amount of effort and time invested in that exercise which is for the benefit of us all. Lead by Adrian, this includes Virginia, Miranda, John, Bruce, Gabbie, Andrea and Flora Gill, Pat, Deb, Mandy K, Helen, Suet Yi and Joe for Friday evening. A great event for everyone....much appreciated.

... to Catherine and Claire - no more words required!

... to Deans and LAs for the prep required for EOY Celebrations this week - also to Seb and Saran for setup with sound and visuals.

TI Sharing - Tuesday 16 June - Diploma Centre, 3.30-4.30pm

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360 Feedback for Brian and me

Thanks to those who have made the time to send us your thoughts. We would appreciate anyone who can do this by Wednesday 17 May 3.30pm.

Have a great day and week