Gateway paper ancient greek sports

By: Ashton Mintz

How the Olympics started

The Olympics started in 776 B.C.E. The Olympics was held in a village called Olympia. It was in honor of the Greek God Zeus. They have a lot of different things in the Olympics. The first event was wrestling, which everyone was excited. The Olympics was held in a huge coliseum. The Olympics were held in that same coliseum ever four years. They were very dangerous and people were even killed.

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The Differences of The Olympics Now and Then.

There are a lot of differences about the Olympics in ancient times vs our modern day Olympics. We have more technology now then we did back then. We don't try to hurt people or try to kill them. We have new things we do in the Olympics. Women are allowed to participate in the Olympics. The Olympics are not in a coliseum any more. We do not do the games naked.

The Similarities of The Olympics Now and Then

We both have the Olympics. Everyone is aggressive and wants to win. A lot of people go to watch the Olympics, which are every four years. It feels good to win and it feels bad to lose. You do a lot of different events in the Olympics. The Olympics can be fun and they can be not so fun. The events bring huge crowds of spectators.
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