Treasured Team Newsletter

Celebrating your summer! June, July and August

What does our new Start Swell program mean for you?

I am sooooo excited about this new program!

This new Start Swell Program will make it easier for you to promote! We are offering to our new consultants that you sponsor a bonus! We will reward them to qualify sooner and stay active longer!

This will help you as you grow a team, promote and even help you earn the next Leadership Incentive Trip. Your new September team members count for your trip qualifications. Want more details? Let's set up a time to chat!

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Woo Hoo Is ready for September?

I love our September Special!

Awesome rewards for hostess and great savings for customers!

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My Summer Stats

My PV for June was $2,315, holding 3 parties with our Team Sales of $ 9,539.00

My PV for July was $1,310.50 holding 3 parties with our Team Sales of $12,200.00

My PV for August was $2,572 holding 4 parties with our Team Sales of $15,193.00

I sponsored one new team member in July. Welcome Holly Bieglow!!!

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New Team Office Hours Begins Septemer 1st.

Monday through Friday I will be avail from 2:30 pm, to 5:30 pm, or by appt only.

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Top In June Sales over $1000 is Jennifer Kuchta with $1,501 Way to go girl!

Woo Hoo!!! PV over $600!

Kelli Dixon $790

Kelly Kreul $747

Allison Stauss $740

PV over $200

Candace Currah $580

Michelle Gummer $549

Rachael Hasby $420

Erica Lawrence $331

Erin Blome $286

Allie Knueppel $275

Lindsey Friedeck $242

Danielle Raasch $219

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Top in July Sales over $1000 is Christine Larson with $1,772.50 in PV! AWESOME JOB GIRL!

These party girls partied their way to over $1000 in PV! Way to go ladies!

Allison Stauss $1,365.50

Jennifer Kuchta $1,325.50

Danielle Raasch $1,218.50

Woo Hoo PV over $600

Kayla Woyak $957

Kelli Dixon $808

Kimberlee Bartell $807.50

Michelle Gummer $616

Holly Bigelow $545

PV over $200

Rachael Hasby $309

Allie Knueppel $217

Candace Currah $215

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Congratulations to Ashley Coster- Dieter on her promotion to Sr. Consulant!!!

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Top in August Sales over $1000 is Jennifer Kuchta with $2,964 in PV! Way to rock it girl!

These party girls partied their way to over $1000 in PV!!! Way to go girls!!!

Kelly Kreul $1,425

Kimberlee Bartell $1,405

Erin Blome $1,363

Kelli Dixon $1,135

Woo Hoo!!! PV over $600!!!

Michelle Gummer $978

Candace Currah $601

PV over $200

Nicole Blei $534

Erica Lawrence $481

Rachael Hasby $478

Kayla Woyak $336

Holly Bigelow $233

Lisa Biglar $214

Molly Zabrowski $210

Ashley Coster-Dieter $275

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Congratulations to Jenny Kuchta, she recruited 2 ladies in July and 1 in August!!! Awesome job girl!

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Happy Anniversary to these ladies! Love you girls!

Kayla Woyak August 3, 2012

Erin Bome June 6, 2013

Nicole Blei August 25, 2014

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