Mrs. Morehead's Weekly News

May 6th, 2016

MAP Testing

We will finish up math MAP testing next Wednesday in math. The students have been going strong and have finished Science and ELA. It has not been easy! We have two days of testing next week (Tuesday and Wednesday), and then we're finished. Our team is doing a celebration on the morning of May 20th, and we will be having a sports tournament to celebrate as well.

Field Trip May 18th!

Our field trip has been bumped up a day to May 18th (Wednesday) instead of Thursday. This is due to the rest of the district having their last day of school on the 19th, and no busses were available on Thursday. A permission slip is coming home with your student on Monday. Please make sure students dress appropriately for the weather because we will be outside. Students should wear long pants and closed toe tennis shoes. No flip flops or sandals! Plan on sending some bug spray and/or sunscreen as well.

Our class is still looking for at least 2 parent volunteers to help with the field trip. We will leave school immediately after announcements, and if you'd like to ride the bus with us, you're welcome to!

Teacher Appreciation

Thank you so much! I have felt so loved and appreciated this week by all the kind words, notes and gifts from the students! It has been an amazing week!

Kickball Tournament

Our NEHS chapter is sponsoring a school-wide kickball tournament on Friday, June 3rd. The teams will be made up of 7-9 players, and the cost is only $2.00 per person to play. 5th grade will be competing against the 4th graders. If your child doesn't want to play, but wants to support our team, he/she can pay $2.00 to be a mascot or a cheerleader for the team. Money is due by May 31st.

Behavior Plan

The end of the year is often a time when students behavior starts to decline. After MAP testing, some students may feel like the year is over and they don't have anything left to learn. The opposite is actually true! We will now have the time to get a jump on some 6th grade curriculum to prepare them for next year, and to work on many student-chosen projects and activities. I'm asking for your help over the next few weeks to ensure that students continue on a path of following expectations.

At the end of each day, I will give out either a blue, yellow, or pink paper to each person based on the student's actions and choices that day. The blue paper represents that the student was on task and followed directions/expectations. The yellow paper means that a student struggled with the marked expectation, and the pink paper requires a parent signature. I am asking for you to look for these papers at the end of each day, to keep up communication. As a benefit, the blue paper is worth .10 in credit for our class snack store, so students will want to hang on to this!