15 Minute Facebook PARTY

Step by Step process for 15 Minute PARTY

Fortune is in the Follow Up!

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The Ask

A) Verbiage for a new consultant for their launch

Hey Jess! I wanted to invite you to my FB Launch Party! It's Thursday March 5th @ 7pm EST. It'll be short and sweet (15 minutes) and I am doing giveaways! Not to worry if you can’t be LIVE at that time, you can always catch the replay. Attached is the link to my private FB group. I’d love to have you as a guest! (INSERT LINK)

B) Ask to Host

Reach out to current customers or friends and ask them if they’d be willing to host a (Healthy Happy Hour, Healthy Living Inside & Out, Mind, Body, Skin Event , etc.) party for you.


  • Hi (insert name)! If you could earn free & discounted product, would you be open to hosting an online Facebook party? FB parties are short, sweet (15 minutes) and easy-peasy. You just send a link with an invite, introduce me to your friends, post once in the group and I do the rest! I will totally make it worth your while! I'll be doing some fun giveaways & I'll keep the party open for 48 hours. It's a lot of fun so let me know!

Booking your party

If they say yes a sample response might be

Great! I'm booking Monday and Wednesday (choose two days/times that work for you) evenings in (March), so let me know which day and time work best for you. I will set the group up and make you a moderator so you can invite your friends and family. The group will stay open for 48 hours, and I will do a 15 minute live presentation with product giveaways for your guests. It's going to be a lot of fun, and of course I will gift you generously for hosting!

Once you have a yes move on to step #2

Make Your Facebook Group

How to create a FB GROUP and do the Scheduled Posts:

On the left hand side of your Facebook page, under Explore, click Create Group (or click Create at the top of Groups if on your phone). Name your group, choose "private" for privacy option, add your host and/or your upline to the group, then click Create Group.

NOTE: For new consultants launching using FB event, we recommend changing the name to "___'s Healthy Living Inside and Out" once the event is over and this can be your private group for your PCs and prospects.

Fill out the description of the group on the right hand side of the group with sample verbiage like this:

"Come learn how you can flourish in 2021. We will be talking about a holistic approach to health and well-being from the inside out, focusing on the mind/body/skin connection. We will teach you more about how you can look and feel your best in 2021! AND doing some fun giveaways!

Copy and paste this description and post as a comment within the group. Once it's posted, click the 3 dots on the top right of the post and mark this as an announcement.

You can post manually or schedule the 5 posts. You can schedule a post by acting as if you're actually posting within the group, but instead of posting, click the clock on the left hand side of the Post button to schedule the post on the days/times laid out below.

Save these photos (below step E) to your desktop or to your phone so your hosts/new consultants can choose a theme.

To save photos:

From your computer, you MUST first left-click on the image to open it in a separate window. Then, left-click on the CENTER of the image and drag it to your desktop to save.

From your phone, you MUST tap the image to open it in a separate window. Then, tap on the CENTER of the image and choose Add to Photos.

NOTE: Make sure notifications are turned on to all when you set up your group as it will not be that way when you set it up.



Get the host excited about how much fun she and her friends will have commenting and "hanging out" online and hearing about some super cool products & a holistic healthy living approach for 2021. Make sure the host has a product testimony or is excited to try the products because of your testimony. It's best if you can get some samples to them to try. They need to be excited!

Coach your host on how to invite (or if this is your event, act as if you're the host). Encourage them to cast a wide net and invite people from all over the country, as well as the other countries where Arbonne is available (UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Poland). Let them know they'll want to invite at least 30 people to have 5-20 accept.


Give the host this verbiage along with the link to their group and say

Hi Jen, I have your party open and you can start inviting your friends and family. This is gonna be so FUN! I recommend that you send just a little note with the invitation. Something like "Hi Carrie! I'm having a Healthy Living Facebook party and I would love it if you would join us! It's Tuesday at 7:30 pm. It will be fun to hang out, plus it's short and sweet. Bonus: there will be free giveaways so comment a lot! Here's the link: _______________ Just click it and join!

Just change the name, copy and paste.

Use your voice. As soon as someone begins to ask questions about the Arbonne 30 Days to Healthy Living or the Skincare... What is it? or How much is it? You say, Sallie, what's your number? I'll give you a quick call. If you are unsure of what to say when they give you their number, do a 3 way with your sponsor or upline! Sponsor needs to be available for the 3 way call the night of your party if you are a new consultant.

Friend and Direct Message Each Guest

IMPORTANT: Friend request every guest & SEND A PRIVATE MESSAGE to all of the members as they join!! Just be friendly. Say

"Hey Sallie! Thanks a zillion for accepting Kelly's FB party invite! I'm Jess Champagne and I'll be doing the presentation. I just LOVE Kelly and I know I will love meeting all of her friends too! How do you and Kelly know each other? ALSO I'm sending out free samples of our top selling Energy Fizz Drink! What's your flavor? Strawberry, Citrus or Pomegranate?

A few hours before you go LIVE Send every guest that has not joined a reminder to join. Click on "MEMBERS" within the party, Click on "INVITED", a list of names will populate, click on each name and select SEND REMINDER.

Post #1 As soon as you open the group

This post needs to be on the group as soon as you open it. Have this post up before your host even invites anyone. Ask your host to tag everyone in this post as they are accepting the invitation.

Hi Everyone! Welcome to HOST NAME'S Healthy Living FB party! My name is YOUR NAME and I'm a friend of HOST. I love her to pieces and if you're her friend I'm gonna love you too so be sure to accept my friend request, I look forward to connecting with all of you. I am so excited she wants to share our Holistic Healthy Living Lifestyle! See you all __________(date and time of party)

Thanks so much for supporting HOST NAME!

Post #2: 24-48 Hours before your Event - Welcome guests to the Group

POST 24-48 hours before your event starts, after most of your guests are in your group, using the verbiage below you will create a flyer to welcome all of the guests. Choose one of the blank images below and use an app (WordSwag) to add the event details on the flyer for the Welcome Post:

Use this verbiage for the body of your Welcome Post:

"Hello everyone! I'm going to go live Wednesday night at 8:30pm EST in this group! I hope you can hop on live with us! It won't be long - maybe 15 minutes, and I'll be doing some product gieaways! Also, be sure to turn your notifications "on" for this group so you don't miss out on the giveaway! You can do this by going to the "Group" icon on the bottom of your phone, select this group and tap the 3 dots on the top right of your screen. Tap the Notification Setting bell icon and choose "All Posts." Looking forward to seeing you all then! I sent y'all a message about a free gift. Be sure to check your messages. If we aren't friends, you may not see it!"

To tag all of the guests, you MUST create this post ON YOUR COMPUTER, using the "Write Post" button, which you will find when you click Members in your group, then you'll see the "write post"! See VIDEO BELOW

NOTE: The “WRITE POST” BUTTON WILL NOT WORK FROM YOUR PHONE. The workaround would be to friend all of the guests and then create a manual welcome post tagging the guests.

Click "Write Post", delete the sentence that says "Let's welcome our new members:" and replace that with the verbiage below. Do NOT delete anyone who is tagged, and click the Photo/Video button to add the invitation flyer you created in step 3. All of the guests tagged in this post will receive a notification.

NOTE: If guests are added after you do this post, you can tag them in the comments of this post.

Post #3: Day before your Event - Drop a GIF

Drop a GIF below to describe how you LOVE your host! Let's see it!

Post #4: Day before your Event - Schedule a Poll

Post a poll...DO NOT simply post the picture; create a poll. How to create a poll: Look at the section at the bottom of the post that you use to add a picture to your post and click "Poll". Copy and paste below into your post and your poll.

Take the poll for a GIVEAWAY entry! TAG EVERYONE

If I could grant a wish for your health or skin, what would it be? Feel free to pick as many as you want or add 1 if you don't see yours here!

Increase Energy

Manage My Weight

Reduce Stress

Improve Digestion

Diminish Fine Lines/Wrinkles

Reduce Pore Size

Post #5: The Day of the Event

Share your favorite HEALTHY LIVING LIFE HACK/Pro Tip etc....

Use your own or something from these Arbonne materials. Be Compliant

Share your favorite HEALTHY LIVING LIFE HACK

Take a tip from our Healthy Aging Guide

Post #6: The Day of the Event

New Consultant: New consultant will go LIVE for 2-5 minutes and share why they've partnered with Arbonne and their product testimony (if they have one). Close the live by telling everyone how excited you are to see them on the live tonight at __pm EST (insert time zone)!

Host: If your host has his/her own testimonial with the products, have them do a separate post (live or written). Your host's testimony will carry a lot of weight with their guests. In your host's tesimony, they can also say how excited they are to see everyone on the live tonight at ___pm EST (insert time zone).

Post #7: 30 minutes before the party - "It's almost party time"

Post this with one of the images below.

Hi everyone! I'll be going live in 30 minutes, at 8:30pm EST right here in our Facebook party group! I hope you can pop on! It won’t be very long - maybe 15 minutes, and I'll be doing some product giveaways also!! Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Step 10) LIVE Presentation - 12 to 15 minutes

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GOAL: Schedule more presentations & Get INTO CONVERSATIONS with each guest!



Company & Product Philosophy

• Our Heritage: Purpose Driven Company/Petter wanted a place where people could flourish/40 years/B corp

• Our Mission: We empower people to flourish with sustainable healthy living.

• Our Approach: MIND-BODY-SKIN, Enhance positive mindset, reduce stress, and improve mental agility. Improve body’s nutrition and gut health to support overall well-being. Enhance the appearance of healthy looking skin at every age!

• Personal Testimony to Living Well.

LIVING WELL means Aging Well, Feeling Well, Being Well:


Welcome to a new era of skincare! The NEW AgeWell collection features a unique trifecta of ingredients to target signs of aging in all skin tones.


At the heart of it is Bakuchiol, a plant-based alternative to retinol — just as effective without retinol's harsh effects. Pair the regimen with holistic tips like positive self-affirmations and a nutritious diet to unlock the true secret to aging well!! AgeWell products also contain Stabilized Vitamin C & Sustainable Plant Stem Cell Extracts.

Bakuchiol is as effective as Retinol at .5% and in a couple of our products we have 2% bakuchiol!!! Serum & Night Cream

Skin Elixir-vegan collagen builder for skin, hair, & nails!

SHARE YOUR Favorite 2-3 products that help you age well!


30D2HL: Objective of this program is to help you form heathy habits & a healthy

eating plan for life.

If you keep doing what you’re doing, how will you feel next month? Next year? What if you could...Optimize how you look and feel? Arbonne’s 30D2HL can help you do that!

RESET: Establish healthy habits with clean eating, activity and restful sleep that will become the foundation of a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Tune into the messages your body’s sending to identify how to use food as fuel for your body AND give your body the nutrients it needs to function optimally!

Give an example of what you eat when you participate and how the products supported you staying on track. Mention the tremendous support they will receive...we will be with them EVERY step of the way!

BREAKFAST CLUB: Not feeling like a 30 day commitment is possible? Do a simple swap to start your day right! Breakfast Club includes protein shake (20g clean vegan protein to help you feel full), GutHealth Digestion & Microbiome Support (support gut health with enzymes, prebiotics & probiotics), EnergyFizz Ginsing Fizz Sticks (boost energy), and CleanTox Herbal Detox Tea (support normal functions of liver & kidney).

GUT FUNCTION: So much of the body’s overall wellbeing is controlled by our gut, so supporting this areas will optimize how we feel and look.


SHARE YOUR Favorite 2-3 products that help you be well!

• Nutrient Intake ? Green drink and Green gut glow/Gut Love/Versatility

with Multivitamin
• Stress Management? Detox Tea, Inner Calm, Harmony, Sleep Spray

  • Multitasking? Mind Health, Fizz, Focus, Sleep Spray

  • Self Care? Rescue Renew Soak, Renew Body Oil, and Rescue Renew


  • Hydration? Complete Hydration, Bio Hydria Tea, Bio Hydria Cleanser, and

    Bio Hydria Gel Cream


Support the Mind Body Skin Connection: It’s all connected!

A positive mindset, self care, mindfulness, and minimizing stress! Arbonne can play a role in achieving this & so much more!

To Live Well is to Love Well also. A life of gratitude! I am grateful for each and every one of you that took the time to listen tonight. I am thankful to the host. And I am thankful for Arbonne-Arbonne has given me more than I ever imagined!

6. Closing This party will be open for 48 hours!


  • If Launching New IC comment “I’m in”! and you’ll be entered into drawing for a giveaway!
  • If its host event, ”If you would like to enter my party giveaway just request to join my VIP page just click the FB GROUP link in comments and request join and you’ll be entered.
  • I am giving ______(Box of Fizz, Eye Gel Masks, Self Tanner)

Giveaway, thank you gift!

  • As a thank you for being here and ordering in the next 48 hours, when you purchase between now and _____, you are going to get a THANK YOU GIFT FROM ME.

Social sharing method:

And to close guys, we build our business through social sharing methods that are fun, easy, and educational, just like what I did here tonight. If you want more info about hosting your own fun FB event, or perhaps building your own stream of income, comment MORE INFO below. If anything I said intrigued you, and you enjoyed learning about this brand, we would love to show you how simple it is to have an online business. Thank you again for watching and have an amazing night.

Practice Makes Perfect with your 15 minute video

Be sure to talk about a variety of Arbonne's best loved products. As you'll see in the suggested outline, you'll also be mentioning just a few suggested package bundles that are a really great value for preferred clients and great options for coming into a relationship with Arbonne. Remember to highlight what you love the most and keep it really simple with a couple of bullet point notes on each thing.

Post #8 Images of Bundles (Mentioned in FB LIVE)

No need to post all or use all. It's best to stay super focused on what you LOVE and what you are passionate about!

Schedule these ahead of time...


Big picture
Big picture

Other Images for different 15 Minute Party Themes

Post #9: After the party - Choose a winner for giveaway

Consultant should POST A REMINDER right before the PARTY GIVEAWAY that the giveaway is closing soon, and then the hostess can TAG anyone who didn't yet watch the live under the video.

Choose an image and post with this Verbiage: Congratulations to ________ for winning the GIVEAWAY! Message me with your address, and thank you to everyone that participated!

TIP: Use the app wheelofnames to draw the winner.

Giveaway gifts could be individual products or a bundle. You could have a standardized gift you do for the GIVEAWAY...I love the BOTANIQUE BUNDLE: Shower gel, hand cream, lip balm, and throw in a sheet mask with RE9 sample!


Want it ALL? Be a host and get the most! We would love to partner with you and hook you up for doing so!!

Tips for Following Up

SKIN - If they want info on skincare, ask some questions: I’d love to help you. Tell me a little about your skin…what do you currently use and what do you want to improve?

NUTRITION – Again, ask questions: I’d love to help you. I’m curious, what is your biggest challenge with nutrition right now? Or, what are your health goals? Have a dialogue and go to the #arbonne30 tab on our team training website and if they’d like more info, send the verbiage under the #arbonne30 Details tab. You can also send a testimonial from someone with a similar issue.

I’M IN! – This is for the party giveaway. In messenger, say “Thank you for participating and good luck! I’m curious, after watching, what resonated the most with you?”

MORE INFO – This is for hosting. In messenger, say “Great! Let’s find a time to chat for a few minutes!”

Important Tips for a Successful Event

1) As people order throughout the event, thank them for their order using the following verbiage:

Hi ___! Thank you for your order of the ____! You are going to love it! Plus, I'm throwing in a ____ (full sized product - choose something you have on hand).

Post a "thank you" GIF along with a picture of their free product.


  1. Send a friend request to each person before the live takes place!

  1. Have your host start 3 way conversations with you and each guest after the FB LIVE-be sure to mention during the LIVE that you're host is going to do that so you can chat customizable bundles!

4) You want your host to be excited for the event. If your host hasn’t tried products, be sure to get him/her some to try before the event. This will help the host have a personal testimony to share.

5) Be sure to friend request each person that is added to the group BEFORE the live takes place. Make a connection and thank them for being a part of the event. This will make following up easier and the goal is to build new relationships.

6) Night time really is best to hold these 15 minute FB events.

7) If you do more than one FB event in one night, then you will need 30 minutes between parties.

8) Anticipate some of the parties to be a bust. If you schedule 4 parties per week, that is 16 each month, so the busts won't matter.

9) Check in with the host during and after the event as people will want to order and they will likely be conversing with the host. Have your host suggest putting you in a 3-way text so you can answer any questions.

10) The fortune is in the follow up! If anyone shows any interest during the event, be sure to add them to your 100 person list.

After the Event

After the Event

When sharing product information, use Private Messenger as much as possible.

Or send a Recommended Cart for things they are interested in! PRO TIP: have recommended carts ready to go for all bundles you speak about in the 15 min LIVE Presentations!

Some generations may want to browse, use the digital catalog if they want to see what we offer.

Digital Catalog

If necessary, get their information and place their first order for them!

client info needed:



Phone number


Shipping address

Credit card number with EXP & CVV (billing address if different than shipping)

Follow up conversations:

Have you had a chance to watch the FB Live?

Did anything resonate with you? If you could wave a magic wand, what is the one thing you would change about your health?