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March 4, 2016

Reminders from Mrs. Grimenstein...

Here are some important dates to note specifically for our class:
  • 3/10 Field Trip to the Philadelphia Museum of Art: Make sure to pack a disposable lunch and wear comfortable shoes.
  • Donations Needed: We are in desperate need of hand sanitizer and hand soap for our classroom. We try to encourage students to wash or use sanitizer throughout the day to minimize the spread of germs. Students have also asked me to include a donation request for any Legos that you may not be using for our indoor recess times. Your help is greatly appreciated!!
  • Follow our class on Instagram: @thatsgrimtastic
  • Google Drive: Students have been using our class Google Drive account a lot recently. I have also begun putting pictures there to share in the folder labeled "Pictures 2015-2016". Feel free to browse through the drive, but please be careful not to edit or delete anything. The directions on how to access our account are posted on eBoard. Here is our account information for quick reference: email: 2gowls@gmail.com password: 2Grocks (please note that we do NOT use this email account for any other purpose- please do not send any email to this account.

Read Across America By Jackson and Owen

Thank you to everyone who sent in Dr. Seuss books for Read Across America Week! Some fun activities included: Red, White, and Blue day, making "book hats", creating our own fish for McElligot's Pool, reading Horton Hear's a Who and writing about the story structure, Drop Everything and Read for the entire school, preschool buddy reading, and much more!

Here's what Owen had to say about this week's events:

This week in school we did “Read Across America.” I read Horton Hears a Who. It was a good book. We watched Green Eggs and Ham in Spanish. We also read McElligot’s Pool. It was a cool book because it had a ton of different fish. Did you know Dr. Suess birthday is on March 2nd?

Jackson added...

This week we celebrated “Read Across America.” I read my Weird School. The Weird School I read was Mrs. Lilly is Silly. We read for about 30 minutes. We read different books. I love reading.

New Reward System by Caroline

This week in school we changed tallies into Gem Punches and we got new prices. Gem Punches are holes you make in paper called “Punches.” Every time you do something good you get a “Punch.” When you get 20 punches you get a prize. (I have 3 punches.) Gems are prizes. The prizes are Greeting Chooser, Station Choice, Silly-Dress Up, Homework Pass, Pajamas, Share, Crazy Hair, Craft, Stuffed Animal, Champ Chooser, Student Teacher, Teacher Lunch, Jr. Ambassador, Free Time, Buddy Lunch, V.I.P. Seat, Extra Job, and IPAD time. I LOVE GEM PUNCHES AND PRIZES!!

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Bowling in P.E. by Mark

This week in school i played bowling in P.E. I was bowling with Tommy, Olivia, and Liliana. I got one strike then one spare then one strike again. Tommy got two strikes in a row. Olivia got one strike and one spare. Liliana got two strikes in a row. Did you go bowling in P.E?

Graphing Math

This week we learned how to collect and report information using tally charts, bar graphs, and pictographs. On Monday we learned all about Leap Year. Students watched a video on Brain Pop to gather information about how and why Leap Day occurs. In Math, students conducted "leapfrog" races where they hopped different colored frogs, then measured how far each one hopped. Then students created bar graphs and compared data.

On Wednesday, our class played a dice game to see which Dr. Seuss symbol came up the most frequent. Students excitedly rolled and recorded data using bar graphs. The big winner was "red fish" and the loser was "green egg." We had a great time learning all about graphs this week!

For Your Calendar

3/8 BOE Bond Referendum Vote: EH Art Room-Please Vote!

3/8 Salad Bar Lunch

3/10 2nd Grade Field Trip: Philadelphia Art Museum

3/10 School Store 11:50 AM – 12:40 PM

3/17 Community Meeting, 10 AM

3/17 Talent Show Dress Rehearsal, HMHS

3/18 EH Talent Show, 7 PM, HMHS

3/21-3/27 Spring Break

3/28 School Resumes