November Newsletter

Platteville Middle School

WOW! What a trip!

I just recently had the honor of going out to Washington DC to receive the National Blue Ribbon Award for Platteville Middle School. Again this was for being designated "Exemplary Achievement Gap Closing" school by making the greatest advances (top 15%) in closing subgroup achievement gaps in English and Mathematics over the past five years, measured by state assessments.

The experience was the ultimate "pat on the back" and I just had an assembly to share the experience with the students this week. How I broke it down so that they understood what this award meant to them was two fold.

First, we have great teachers! Teachers that care so deeply for students to succeed and do their best. Teachers that shed a tear when students struggle and feel like they are failing them. Teachers that celebrate even the minor successes with our students because even minor ones can be a major accomplishment. Every kid...every day...whatever it takes!

Second, we have great students! Students that work hard to do their very best when a challenge is presented. I explained that it was because of their efforts on the state assessments that we were recognized. It is very easy to not take testing seriously, but great things can happen when you do. Do your best in everything you do and you will have no regrets!

What an awesome experience to be in DC and receive this award, but what an even better experience bringing it back and sharing it with the staff and students.

Jason Julius

Principal of Platteville Middle School

Platteville Middle School is Feeling Blue

Here are some Important Upcoming Dates!

11/17 Strings Concert, 7:00 pm, Middle School Gym

11/18 Green & Gold Pick Up, 3:30 – 6:00, Middle School Commons

11/19 Choir Concert, 7:00 pm, Middle School Gym

11/26 & 11/27 No School

12/4 Early Release, 12:30 dismissal

12/23-1/3 Winter Break, no school

Please be sure to check the Middle School calendar for upcoming events!

Box Tops

Each year, the collection of boxtops, soup labels, and milk caps/labels helps the Platteville Middle School to raise funds using products our families are ALREADY buying. It takes just moments to clip a boxtop or rinse a milk cap. Last year, the Boxtops for Education program ( alone brought the Middle School PTO $1,780. This is money that we can use to help fund trips, classroom needs, enrichment activities, etc. THANK YOU for your continued support. We collect Campbell's soup labels ( and Kwik Trip Milk Moolah ( year-round (bins are outside of Media center, near main office). Sadly a few of the other programs we have used are no longer in existence. If in doubt, though, turn your items in to the bins near the Media Center and we'll sort it out! The Boxtops, while you CAN turn those in to the collection bins at any time, we would prefer that you save them up. We will hold our annual Boxtops competition in February. This is a chance for the whole school to get involved and get excited. Details will be sent to you as the time draws nearer!

If you have any questions, or are intersted in helping to count any of these items when needed, please don't hesitate to give a call! Thanks again for your continued support! Caryn Stanley 608-348-8698

Meningitis Newsletter

Vaccination Available to Prevent Meningitis

Meningococcal disease, commonly known as bacterial meningitis, is a rare but potentially deadly infection. While meningococcal disease is rare and difficult to contract, it is very serious.

Meningococcal bacteria can be spread through close contact with an infected person through direct contact with respiratory and/or oral secretions from an infected person (for example, through sharing drinking containers or kissing). Teenagers and college students are at increased risk for meningococcal disease compared to the general population. Meningococcal disease can be misdiagnosed as something less serious, because early symptoms like high fever, severe headache, nausea, vomiting and stiff neck, are similar to those of common viral illnesses. The disease can progress rapidly and can cause death or permanent disability within 48 hours of initial symptoms.

Up to 83 percent of all cases among teens and college students may potentially be prevented through immunization, the most effective way to prevent this disease. A meningococcal vaccine is available that protects against four out of five strains of bacterium that cause meningococcal disease in the U.S.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and other leading medical organizations recommends that all 11-12 years olds should be vaccinated with meningococcal conjugate vaccine (MCV4). A booster shot is recommended for teens at age 16-18 to continue providing protection when their risk for meningococcal disease is highest. Teens who have not yet gotten the vaccine should ask the doctor about getting it now, especially if they are about to move into a college dorm or military barracks.

For more information about meningococcal disease and immunization, please feel free to contact me directly at 342-4013, or your family’s health care provider. Below are websites where you can learn more about meningococcal disease and vaccine information. If you have no health insurance, insurance that does not cover vaccines or BadgerCare your child may be eligible to receive the vaccine for free from the Grant County Health Department. Contact the Health Department at 608-723-6416

· Centers for Disease Control and Prevention