The Shinning Star

Anderon-Shiro Jr/Sr High School

Shinning Star

Mrs. Lyde shared a story with me that I think is important for you to know. (Mrs. Lyde, please excuse me if I don't tell the story in the exact way you told me, but I am trying to say this from memory.) She was part of the design team which made decisions when building our school. If you've ever noticed the stars at the entrance of the building there is a story behind it. The stars are to represent that our school district, specifically the Jr/Sr high school which sits upon the top of this hill, is the "star" of the community. With that being said, you are the "stars" inside the school. At our last faculty meeting I asked that we look at our school improvement plan and identify our wins (what we've accomplished thus far). This "wins" couldn't happen without all of us working hard and as one cohesive team. I want you to know that you ARE the shining stars of our school. I would like for you guys to begin nominating your fellow co-workers on a bi-weekly basis. What I am asking of you is to shoot me an email when you see or notice something that your colleague does that stands out in your mind. At the end of the two weeks two people will be chosen as the "Shinning Star" based on your nominations. To kick of this award I have chosen the shinning star. You are ALL the shining stars!!! I thank you for what you do and all of your hard work. In your boxes you will find a jean pass and on your door you will find a shinning star. THANK YOU FOR ALL OF YOUR HARD WORK!!!
Earth Wind and Fire- Shining Star