Henry trying to leave Catherine 4th October 2012

Why would Hen do such a thing!!!???

henry has decided that he wants to leave catherine. HenHen is leaving cathy cause' she is not producing a child and maybe she aint his type. she old woman who noone wants!!!!LOL Hen wants the new chick in town Annie she might give him another shot at a male heir what ever that is!!!

Pics of Hen and the 2 Gurls

Reasons that hen hates Cathy and want Anne!!!

We think that Cathy now is geting a little old for Hen so he wants to divorce the so called grandma. Hen likes anne cause she is not a tradditional woman because she show off a bit more and that appeals to men. She is also another shot at a son to become king. Anne is a so called rebel and Henny likes that!!!!!


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Nathan Farr

Hen and The God's law

hen is argueing that his marrige to cath was against god's law because apparently the god's law is that if your brother dies (arthur) you must marry the widdow of you brother. but there was a different story and it says that if you marry your dead brothers wife then u should remain childless and hen went with that rule seeing as he had no male heir yet and tried to use that an excuse to divorce cath. confusing isnt it and ti didnt work anyway!!!!