Virginia: The Prosperous Colony

Come be a part of our people, you won't regret it!

Who founded us and why?

Great Britain was the first people to settle here in Virginia, because find religious tolerance and to also bring wealthy natural resources back to their homeland.

Location/ Impact of location/ Physical geography

We are part of the Southern Colonies. We do not have lots of natural resources in our area, but we make up for that with our beautiful quantity of tobacco.

Religion/ Colonial government/ Type of trade

We follow the Anglican church, but not all of their beliefs or traditions. We have a legislative body that is similar to England's House of Burgesses. Our big trade specialties are tobacco, vegetables, cotton, livestock, fruit, and grain.


We have been going back and forth with the Native Americans since we got here. Both sides have lost many men from war. Not only that, but before we knew about the tobacco, we were dying off from starvation because we had absolutely no money.

Some of the influential people of this colony.