Topic: Health

What is the Problem?

The problem is the face that kids and teens all over the world are dying of diseases, starvation, abuse, and a lot of other terrible things. The reason for this is because kids are being raised in families that don't care for them. The parents may abuse their child, not feed them, or may not take them to yearly checkups. Also some kids don't get an education so when they get older they cant get a job. This is why the problem needs to change.

They are all Kids

All children are entitled to growth, development, and protection. Any child has the right to live in a sustainable home and be happy. However, due to neglect and communication barriers, these kids may find them selves isolated from the things around them and may be getting abused, ignored, and neglected. They become victims. Kids are being helped. IF they are found in a bad home they are sent to a place where they can be raised the right way. However this is not happening to kids that are disabled. Apparently if a child is disabled they don't deserve to have a good life. THIS NEEDS TO CHANGE.

Where does this Occur?

This happens all around the world but mainly in Sahara Africa, India, Southern Asia. About 6 million kids die before they even turn 5 because they are being raised in families that can't support them.

How We Can Help

In order to help all of these poor children American Citizens can donate money to charities that help kids


GWA in Soweto, South Africa