Hitler: Dictator and Comic Villain

Wanted dead or dead for being a blight on humanity

Q: Who's This Putrid Pile of Pig Pancreas?

A: That's Hitler, you poor ignorant little gutter snitch. Hitler the unsightly German stereotype was the incredibly uninteresting fourth child of the Hitler family, and was such a little sissy that he took choir lessons. This undeniable case of the pathetic brat had the side effect of wanting to go to art school, something his equally awful father wouldn't allow him to do. Hitler still painted below average water paintings when he wasn't busy sitting in a corner, plotting to kill everyone who wasn't just like him. His pathetic existence was about to become even more atrocious when he decided to join some German worker's club that doesn't deserve your respect because Hitler was in it.

Freaking Hitler decided to change this seemingly insignificant club into his idiotic Nazi club. Suddenly you couldn't turn three hundred and sixty degrees without seeing a rather poorly designed poster for these illegitimate children. In a short span of time Hitler the Titler had an army of heartless robots also known as Nazi soldiers at his command, and was ready to spread his inherently wrong ideas to us freedom-loving bald-eagle-flying best-country-evering Americans. Now it's up to us, and us alone, to stop these disrespecting humanity-hating not-human-like-us-ing Germans.

Hitler's Whimsically Horrific Beliefs and Obnoxious Dreams

Hitler's Utterly Ludicrous (Not the Rapper) Beliefs

1) Hitler has this completely crazy beliefs that all the Jewish people should die

2) Hitler has this positively preposterous ideal that all African Americans are as useless as Snuggies

3) Hitler has this time-warpingly trivial thought about women that would shame internet users in immaturity

4) Hitler was utterly unbelievable enough to have the un-American idea of Germany being the better country!

5) Hitler has the gasp-worthy gullibility to hate the noble bald eagle that is democracy.

Freedom-Loving Frank's Top 5 Reasons to Kill Hitler

1) Adolf Hitler is a completely idiotic name, and deserving of public shaming as well as death

2) Hitler has killed millions of people across a horse-kickingly short amount of time

3) Hitler spends his mornings kicking puppies and kittens

4) Hitler has poor mustache choice, and should be punished thusly

5) Hitler is incredibly intolerant of the majority of individuals. It's equally as horrible as wearing "Beats" by Dr. Dre