LV Technology Class

By: Kellan Lynch

Learn to Type/typing Web

Typing Web is a website that helps you with your typing. There are multiple courses that are for different levels for different ages. There are hands and a keyboard on the bottom of the screen to tell you where your hands are supposed to go. You can also pick a layout for what you want your back round to look like so it fits just what you would like.

Career Locker

In Career Locker you could pick a career that you might want to pursue later in your life. It can tell you where some colleges are that you can learn about the career, it also tells you the pay, and a summary of the job. When you decide that you want to find a college you want to look at you can browse some colleges. You can see the tuition that it takes to get into the college and what kind of career paths they offer.

Coding is a website that gives you multiple courses on making a avatar on the screen move to a certain position. There a courses for different grade levels so it can fit what everyone wants to learn. If you don't get one of the levels you can look at videos that explain what the certain block means, and what it does. Code doesn't only do all of the other things, it also makes the lessons entertaining to all ages.

Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck is a presenting website and you can make your own presentations. It allows you to make multiple slides for different information. There are different layouts, and fonts to choose from. Instead of having to search on a different website for images, there is an option so you can search up a specific image, and you can pick the perfect image that you want.

Explain Everything

Explain everything is an app that allows you to write down information on an infinite amount of pages. You can insert images that you have, you can record yourself talking about anything. Instead of having to write everything down you can use the pen and write in your own handwriting. I think that it is a good app for solving problems because of how many pages there are. I personally like this app because of how many tools there are.


ITrailer is an option inside of the app iMovie. ITrailer is used for a shorter presentation or entertainment than an iMovie is. IMovie is used to make longer presentations, while iTrailer is used for a quick and snappy presentation or short entertaining film. ITrailer lets you choose from multiple layouts and you can add pictures to it. I liked iTrailer because you can experiment with it.