The Brain Challenge

Get ready, logic and thinking is your best friend!

It's almost here!

The Brain Challenge where competition is everything. This event will be hosted in Mississauga by your very own Devon Malhotra. All the money made from this event will be donated to the Heart and Stroke Foundation.

The Brain Challenge

Tuesday, Aug. 27th, 11am-3pm

Mississauga, ON, Canada

Mississauga, ON

Donation and Winner

All the money that will be made will be going to the charity because there is no other way better than that to help in the community or make a difference in someones life. The winner will be receiving a certificate for winning and will be receiving a $50 reward!


11:00 a.m - Light refreshments

12:00 p.m - Challenge starts

2:00 p.m - End of challenge

3:00 p.m - Donation ceremony

Devon Malhotra

This amazing person will be hosting the Brain challenge. He is not only the host but he had also created this even so then the money or profit made he is able to donate that to the charity and help the many who are in need!