The Powerful Ones

Karim Bembery

Ares-The God Of War

Ares when you think of the name what do you see? Maybe Death,Blood, or a Warrior. Well Ares represents all of them he was a War fighting machine and a God.

Ares is also the son of Zeus and Hera and Sister is Aphrodite and his love interest.

Hephaestus-The God Of BlackSmiths

Hephaestus? When you think of that name do you think of a Blacksmith. Probably not but Hephaestus is a BlackSmith that became a God for doing it.

Hephaestus is the Son of Zeus and Hera

Hermes-God Of Commerce

Hermes. Hermes is a Messenger for the Gods and Morals acting as a link between the two.

Hermes is the son of Zeus and Maia and the Brother of Ares.

More Information

If you didn't get much from that well heres some more.

Ares-His symbols are the Vulture and the Venomus Snake. His weapon is the Bronze-Tipped Spear. He is not only the God of war but he is the God Of Violence and God of Civil Order.

Hephaestus-NIckname Vulcan, His Symbols are Hammer,Anvil, and a pair of Tongs.

He is also the God Of Sculptors,Metal,and Fire.

Hermes-HIs Symbols are A Wing Hat and Sandles. His Characteristics are a Protector and A Fighter.