carrot sprouts


3 day journal

day 1

soak for 4 hours and 15 minutes

day 2

no sprouts yet, same amount of seeds

day 3

still no sprouts, same amount of seeds


1. soak seeds for 4 hours and 15 minutes

2. rinse twice a day at 8 and 12:15


round 1-

72 seeds

weight of jar- 15.2 oz.

weight of jar with seeds-.438

round 2

11 seeds weight of jar- 15.2 oz

weight of jar with seeds 15.6 oz

graph details


this is the cost of carrot sprouts

2.18 is the price of carrot sprouts per pound

x is the number of pounds bought

f(x) tells us the total cost of the sprouts

X-horizontal axis, dependent, and shows # of pounds purchased

Y-vertical axis independent, total cost

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