By: Annie Peters


There are many different breeds of horses, for example the american quarter horse, the appaloosa, thoroughbred, and the high land pony and many others and they are all very distinct. they horse can have a different colour, shape or size because of its breed.

Caring for Horses

Horses take a lot of work, time and effort. Not only so they need to be fed and given water daily they need to be exercised and groomed. the most simple brushes consist of the curry comb, hard bristle brush, soft bristle brush and the hoof pick.


many people who own horses ride them, and there are two kids of riding western and English. Western riding consists of a deep and heavy saddle and it is used for many tasks or just a leisure ride, in the other hand English riding is different. it can be used for competitions; jumping, eventing, hunter jumper, dressage, and the English saddle has a shallow seat and it is small and light.
How to Ride a Horse


1) Never approach a horse from behind it could kick you.

2) whenever walking around a horse keep your hand on its rear so the horse knows your there and doesn't kick you.

3) feed your horse with a flat hand so he/she doesn't bite you.