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The steamboats you'll come to love.

Steamboats are available for purchase until they're all gone

If you love steamboats and being on the water this is the sale for you. There are only a few steamboats left though. No other sales negotiate like we do. Some prices have drop and the boats are RUNNING OUT!
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More information you ought to know

Advantages- useful craft to haul large crates and other bulky items, and most are economically friendly

Disadvantages to keep in mind- The boiler can build high pressures and explode, a shallow- flat hull produces more drag thus slowing down travel, and it is expensive to maintain these crafts.

Why they are important to North Dakota

Steamboats brought workers then settlers and merchants. The Red River began to see life. Cities like Emerson, Grand Forks, and Moorhead that were flooded with people. It brought trade along the Missouri and Red River.

History/ Inventor

John Fitch made the first successful trial in 1787. This steamboat success was a forty-five footer on the Delaware river. Fitch was granted a patent for a steamboat in 1791, after a battle with James Rumsey who had a similar design. Anson Northrup was the first to bring a steamboat to the Red River. He had bought "North Star" sailed it to Crow Wing River, disassembled it, hauled the pieces 150 miles to Lafayette(on the Red River), reassembled it, and then launched it the May of 1859; reaching his destination the next month. Northrup had sold "North Star" to the Burbank Brothers, who in turn paid him $8000.
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