Dia de los Meurtos

Day Of The Dead

Nombre: Michael Witty

Relacion: Step-father

Fecha de nacimiento: July 26,1983

Fecha de meurto: April 11, 2013

Esposa: Crystal Huneycutt

Ninos/as:Kaden Witty, Lexi Witty, Makayla Witty, Chad Huneycutt, Alanna Huneycutt.

Trabajo: Grillmen

Intreses:Landscaping, cars, grill

Detalles importantes: He enjoyed riding his motercycle. Everyone could tell when he was home because he always revved his engine just to let us know he was finally home. We all enjoyed going on a ride with him because it was such a rush, but he made it seem so much fun, like you would think he was going to kill you by how fast he was going. He started a business called WittyScape and he was going to get us shirts to advertise it for him, which never happened. He loved cooking on the grill if anything needed to be grilled that man had everything started and was ready to grill anything and everything. Michael was a wonderful man, granted he had his problems way before my family came around, but he was still there for me and my brother he took us in as his own children and he made my mom very happy. He is missed dearly. On Monday November 11, 2013 was seven months without that wonderful man in our life. He is missed dearly. R.I.P. Michale Wayne Witty.