Mysterious Powders

Lab Report


The test results were 100% positive that the powders are RED, PURPLE, AND GREEN. To test if these powders were right we tried Vinegar, PH, PT, AND IODINE. We tried iodine to see if there was starch. There was some green powder in it. We tried PH to see if there was a high base, there was a 9/8 result. We tried vinegar to test for any red powder. There was a fizzing chemical reaction. We tried PT for a high acid. There was no reaction.
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Turned brownish and blackish and stuck to the spot plate.

The powder fizzed for about 10 to 19 seconds and turned a gluey substance when combined with vinegar.

Iodine turned the powder brownish-blackish and turned a liquid substance

When the litmus paper was submerged in the whitish powder substance it indicated that the powder was a base that ranged in 9-8
PT did not effect the acid in any way it turned it into a liquid