Earth... 3rd wonder of the universe

Welcome to Earth the home of many people and

The home of great places

There are many places that you could visit at the world called Earth or dandruff in your words. You think we only like to watch The A-Team, eat burgers at Burger King, and go shopping all day to find the thing we want. Well we like to visit other places ( on Earth, we did go to the moon once, twice, or 10 times but mostly just on Earth) and here are some that you guys should visit and the ways we shape the earth. We could do it by continents, climates, and or regions. Just thought you should know that.

Places To Visit

You could go to places that i said like mountains, lakes, volcano's, oceans, island, and another place you should visit. It is St. Johns, Michigan and go to the middle school. If you do not know where Michigan is the place that looks like a mitten.


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