Government, Economy, Culture, and Geography


The type of government is state communist.The Executive branch has the, chief of state and head of government.The Legislative branch has the unicameral National Assembly they plan the elections and see the election results.The Judicial has the Supreme People's Court this is where the people elect chief of state.There the people have to be 18 or older to vote.


The per capital GDP is $3,500.Paddy rice, coffee, rubber, tea, pepper, soybeans,etc, are all agricultural products.indestries there are food processing, garments, shoes,etc.Theres also import partners and their percents,theirs China 22%,South Korea 13.2%, Japanthe 10.4%, Taiwan 8.6%, Thailand 6.4%, Singapore 6.4%.This coutry also has export partners,US 18%, China 11%, Japan 11%, Germany 3.7%.The name ofthe currency is


There nationality is .The ethnic goups there .The language they spea is .There religion is


First the landforms there are low, flat deltas,highlands,and mountainous.Their natural resources are phosphates, coal, manganese, rare earth elements, bauxite and more.The desasterouse things created by god there are extensive flooding, especially in the Mekong River delta.


I used, and cia world fact book.