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Kyrgyzstan,is located is central Asia

about Kyrgyzstan

As early as the 7th century, Turkic traders introduced Islam to Central Asia, including what is now Kyrgyzstan, through doing business with Arabic people.


Kyrgyzstan food,refers to the cuisine of the Kyrgyzstan.The cuisine is similar in many respect to that of their neighbors

how did the history of Kyrgyzstan start??

Kyrgyzstan started about 2000 B.C!!!!!

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Kyrgyzstan national anthem

the national anthem of republic Kyrgyzstan.

important events in kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyz people migrate southwards from the Yenisei River region in central Siberia to the Tian-Shan region.

Kyrgyz National Anthem

The capital kyrgyzstan

is Bishkek

kyrgyzstan hand writing

their handwriting is called kirkez and it is spoken by 4 million different people in kyragastan

Kyrgyzstan is democracy

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The Politics of Kyrgyzstan takes place in the framework of republic

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42.8667° N, 74.6000° E

what did they wear

they wear normal average clothes

social class

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