Linville-Edom Elementary School

Home of the Panthers


Administration and Office Staff

Dr. Amy Painter, Principal

Mrs. April Stroop, Secretary

Ms. Merrie Burruss, Bookkeeper

Mrs. Shari Suttles, Nurse


Mrs. Carri Bardhoshi,

Ms. Emma Reger, Assistant


Mrs. Christine Akers

Mrs. Candy Rodeffer

First Grade

Mrs. Stacy Fike

Mrs. Desirae Childers

Second Grade

Mrs. Marie Hartley

Mrs. Brooke Miller, HLA

Third Grade

Mrs. Jen Dove

Mrs. Hunter Messick, HLA

Fourth Grade

Ms. Tori Smith

Ms. Kelly Wilson

Fifth Grade

Mr. Chris Markham

Ms. Rebecca Miller


Mrs. Stephanie May, Librarian

Ms. Crystal Jordan, PE

Mrs. Angie Strite, School Counselor

Ms. Caroline Caplen, Music

Mrs. Kelly Dove, Art

Mrs. Kristi Strine, Art

Mrs. Heather Cherry, Challenge

Ms.Tara Counts, Challenge

Mrs. Missy Mathias, TLC

Mrs. Amy Showalter, Title I

Ms. Tiffany White, Special Education

Mrs. Andrea Weaver, Speech

Instructional Assistants

Mrs. Diana Drury, Technology Assistant

Mrs. Helen Brunk

Mrs. Renate Freed

Mrs. Carolie Thomas

Ms. Tasha Thompson, Special Ed. Assistant

Mrs. Kelly Gingerich, ELL Tutor

Mr. Darrell Rodeffer, TLC Assistant

Bus Drivers

Mrs. Virginia Hinkle

Mr. Bob Adams

Mr. Tim Hasler


Mr. Gary Custer

Mr. Mike Puckett

Food Services

Mrs. Nikki Watson, Manager

Mrs. Lisa Moomaw, Food Service Worker

Mrs. Debbie Reedy, Lunch Monitor