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11/16/2018 Your Weekly Update for Mayfield Intermediate

Thanksgiving Break is Next Week

Thanksgiving break is next week. All schools will be closed on Wednesday (11/21/2018), Thursday (11/22/2018) and Friday (11/23/2018).

Everyone please have a relaxing and enjoyable break with your family and friends!

Inclement Weather

I hope that everyone stayed safe during our first taste of winter for the school year. Manassas City Public Schools does a fantastic job at notifying our families about weather delays and cancellations. Please make sure that you received a phone call regarding our school's cancellation and delays this past week. If you didn't, you will need to update your information in Power School.

On Friday, our students followed the 2-hour delay schedule. There was no Bobcat Block and students ate lunch in their homeroom classes. The schedule below will be used any time that we have a 2-hour delay during the school year.

Period Time

HR 9:20-9:25

Period 1 9:27-9:56

Period 2 9:58-10:27

Period 3 10:29-10:58

Period 4 11:00-11:29

Period 5 11:31-12:00

Period 6 12:02-12:31

Period 7 12:33-1:02

Period 8 1:04-1:33

Period 9 1:35-2:04

HR 2:06-2:10

Dismissal 2:10

Project Lead

Sixty students from our 5th grade and 6th grade class were selected to participate in Project Lead. Project Lead is a leadership program that is offered in collaboration with Bookworm Central. Bookworm Central is an amazing community partner for Manassas City Public Schools and they donate their resources to help our students. The students participated in a 1 day training and they will be provided follow-up trainings throughout the year. They will bring the leadership skills that they learn through Project Lead and help lead their classmates in interactive board games that help build community within the school.

Thank you Bookworm Central!

Family Life Education Lessons

Mayfield students will be participating in Family Life Education class when we return from Thanksgiving break (November 26-30). Family Life Education classes will take place during your child's physical education class. Students can be opted out of FLE with parent permission. Parents must complete the FLE opt-out form that can be picked up by your child at the front office.

Stations at Work

One of the instructional focuses this year has been to include more station work within the classroom. Stations provide teachers the opportunity to work in small groups with students, time for students to work on multiple learning activities and it also provides the students time to collaborate with their peers. Mrs. Demeria's class did an awesome job on Friday with their station work. We had students working collaboratively, we had Mrs. Demeria facilitating student led discussions, and we had students completing iReady lessons. That is a lot of work being done in one 80 minute block of time. Great job Mrs. Demeria's class!
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