Inquiry and Collaboration

Ammee Robbins


AASL Guidelines for School Library Programs

Teaching and Learning

Guideline 1. The school library program promotes collaboration among member of the learning community and encourages learners to be independent, lifelong users and producers of ideas and information.

Guideline 4. The school library program models and inquiry based approach to learning and the information search process.

Building the Learning Environment

Guideline 3. The school library program includes flexible and equitable access to physical an virtual collections of resources that support the school curriculum and meet the divers needs of all learners. (specifically mentions collaboration in actions)

AASL Standards for the 21st Century Learner

How did we get started?

Collaboration Lessons from Comprehesion and Collaboration: Inquiry Circles in Action by Harvey Daniels and Stephanie Harvey

Lesson 11 Turn and Talk

Lesson 12 Home Court Advantage: Showing Friendliness and Support

Lesson 13 Creating Group Ground Rules

Lesson 15 Practicing the Skills of Effective Small Group Discussion*

Lesson 18 I Beg to Differ: Disagreeing Agreeably

Tweaked the lessons to fit all grade levels, including special area

2nd Grade Specials

Preview Inquiry on James Oglethorpe

Centers that included images from Britannica Image Quest, Map, encyclopedia, Pebble Go and "newspaper articles"

Consistent questions between all classes:

"Why is he wearing armor?"

"How did Savannah get its name?"