McKinney Boyd Band Newsletter

Week of 5/18-5/22

Weekly Announcements

Band Banquet week!! (only one week of school left after that)

Even though there is only a few more weeks left of school, we have a packed newsletter. Read on for specific information on uniforms, new member instrument pickups, Registration, Banquet......and audition postings.

Uniform information for 2020

New member or old, please review the linked letter from our uniform coordinators to see whats included in next year's uniform. This letter ties in with you options you have on registration day/membership toolkit so read carefully!


New member instrument pickups coming your way

We have sent all of our returned senior/ non-returning member instruments to the shop!

Therefore this week we will be compiling information/organizing new member instrument pick up for both this week and next (5/25-5/29).

There are some instances where we know the need and have the ability to get the instrument in students hands this week (5/18-5/22) but it will not be possible yet for everyone.

If you have a specific timeline request or need an instrument sooner than later please contact:

Vanessa Santamaria- Brass

Ben Cook- Woodwinds

Registration on June 1st and Membership Toolkit information

We are in the last steps of updating our Membership Toolkit, (thank you Ms. Wilson), and hope that we will be open for online registration starting at the end of this week or the beginning of next week.

***To new members, official Registration day for you is June 1st. You are more than welcome to register online before then but your new membership informational meeting will be held on June 1st.


Band registration will be done entirely electronically through membership toolkit and zoom.

  • We will have a zoom meetings for incoming freshmen led by our boosters.
  • We will be working alternative fitting days in June/July/August depending on when we are allowed to meet in bigger groups. (This process/detail is still in the works)
  • All forms will be turned in electronically (google forms/sheets/docs) including physicals (PDF)
  • Sheet Music links will be on the website/toolkit for students to access for next year.


Banquet zoom info will be sent out on Remind/Canvas

Because this newsletter is posted on Facebook/internet we did not want to openly send out our zoom meeting info here.

If you are on the Remind 101 or can access Canvas account you will recieve the code/password there.

Don't forget to dress up! We are looking forward to it.

MBHS Virtual Band Banquet: Save the date!!

Saturday, May 23rd, 5-7pm

From the comfort (and safety) of your own home

Save the date! We will be hosting a zoom virtual banquet from 5:00-7:00. Can't make it? It will be recorded and shared to anyone who wants it. We will have our award presentation, scholarship winners announced, senior recognition/wills, year end video and finish out with a preview of next years marching show! We may even throw on a song or two at the end if you want to dance it out!

Audition results (WW/Brass) Posted

We are so excited for the amazing potential of next year and appreciate all for the flexibility and quality of your virtual auditions!!

**Remember that all bands will be working on the same music/material in class for the Fall and that there is another audition in November before we go into contest season/Spring.





Physicals: official call

TEA/UIL have mandated that only incoming 9th graders are required to get physicals for 2020-2021.

All returning members will have to fill out the Medical history form, If you notate "yes" on items 1-6 you will also be required to grab a physical.


Spring Trip: Update

Latest update from Directors Choice (5/1):

The dates for our families have been corrected!

All families who have purchased insurance can now begin filing their claims.

**Instead of cancelling policies for those families that signed up with with incorrect link, the company has changed the dates manually with our guidance.

Our dates are 4/24-4/27.

I have updated both groups (MBHS/MHS) for your group number/policy number reference in the Document Hub link below.

***Even though we are making progress, there are still forms that we do not have access to and are working to get more information. Please feel free to call/work with the insurance company for clarifications. I will update forms in the hub as I get them.

We have 15 months from point of cancellation to complete our claims.

Information that I currently have access to for claim purposes:

Official Cancellation date: 3/24/20

Original Deposit date: 6/10/2019

Google Drive Claim Document Hub for Parents

(Will continue to be updated as information is made available to me):

Corpus Trip Cancellation Claim Documents

DC Coordinator contact info:

Allison Graham

Account Manager

Director's Choice


I hope that it is clear we are being as transparent in this process as we can and are all working to find solutions for everyone.

***Understand that this is a point of high stress for every director/travel agency in the country at this point. I do not have all the answers but you can rest assured that taking care of our families is the highest point of focus right now and doing right by you is my highest priority. I am doing EVERYTHING in my power to protect you and find solutions. If you reach out to me with trip questions, I will respond as quickly as I can within 24-48hrs. I appreciate all your grace and patience.

Interested in colorguard for next year?

Send Mr. Fez an email at !!

Join the 2020-2021 McKinney ISD Color Guard Family!

Remind 101 joining "Reminder"

Still not signed up to the MBHS Band Remind??

Text the following code to the #81010 :

9th grade student: @boydband9

10th grade student: @boydband10

11th grade student: @boydband11

12th grade student: @boydband12

9th grade parent: @mbbandfm9

10th grade parent: @mbbandfm10

11th grade parent: @mbbandfm11

12th grade parent: @mbbandfm12

Incoming parent (current 8th grader): @mbhs8to9

Need some stress relief.....

Due to Covid19 closures, the following professional groups are giving free concerts through streaming for the foreseeable future.

I particularly enjoyed the metropolitan opera who is streaming a musical/opera a day!

Metropolitan Opera

Link to Classical FM site that has info on EVERY group that is giving this unprecedented service

Important information for Private lesson students/teachers

We are HIGHLY ENCOURAGING families who take private lessons to communicate with their teachers and work to the best of their ability to continue lessons remotely through Skype, Facetime or work out home lessons.

If you feel that you do not want to risk it, then we suggest "donating" your normal lesson fee's and working with your teacher to reschedule as necessary.

***This suggestion is for your discretion***:

We want to make sure that you are aware that teaching privately in some cases is the only source of income for many of our teachers. Any week/day that school is cancelled directly impacts their livelihood. Our teachers also have mortgages, rent, bills and groceries to take care of. Please keep this in mind when making your decisions.

Calendar for the Week

All Events Cancelled until the End of the School Year.

Looking Ahead

Electronic Band Registration information coming soon

  • Information will include how we will turn in/assign instruments for next year.

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