Heat: By Mike Lupica

Poster by: Oscar Berrios

Development(Setting and Characterization)

Setting is important in the book because some places take on more important events in the book. This is revealed in the text when it states,"Manny was waiting now, along with two other guys from the Clippers, Kelvin Carter and Anthony Fierro, on the back field when Michael showed up." Here, in Macombs Dam Park, is where Michael and Manny play baseball together, and where Michael "makes his move" on a girl named Ellie. Setting is very important in the book because some places contain important events.

Characterization is also important in the book because you seem to know how a character reacts to a situation but he/she later changes throughout the book, even supporting characters. This is revealed in the text when it states,"He put his arms around Michael and hugged him even tighter than he had when he came in, and then in a whispery voice just barely loud enough for Michael Arroyo to hear, he said, Top that, dude." You might think this was Papi, Michael's father, but it's actually Manny's uncle, Timo, who is acting as Papi to Mr. Gibbs, the administrator of Michael's Little League, so Mr.Gibbs does not know Michael's greatest secret, his father has died. Characterization is vital to understand characters in the book.

Character Analysis

Michael(Miguel) Arroyo is a Cuban immigrant who has fled from his home country with his brother, Carlos, his father, Papi, and his mother that has died years ago. Since Papi died a couple months ago Carlos and Michael are force to fend for themselves. Carlos is forced to have a bunch of part-time jobs so he's never at home. Michael is very prestigious about his baseball skills. He's very sensitive when he hears about his father


I will definitely praise this book because this can happen to anyone. The parents of two brothers die and now they have to fend for themselves. This is revealed in the text when it states," Michael just nodded and told Mr. Minaya he would see him on Tuesday, told Manny he could call him later, picked up his glove and bat, and started walking fast in the direction of the Stadium. Then he was running, jogging at first, but then sprinting, just wanting to get home in his apartment, afraid to look back, afraid they might still might be watching him. He didn't want Mr. Minaya or his teammates to see him crying. About the father that had been dead since May." I know this has probably happened to someone. Sad but true. I praise this book because it shows that this can actually happen to a boy.